How To Make Cleaning Your Home And Garden Easier

September 30, 2021

Cleaning does not need to be chaos.

Cleaning your home and garden can be a right drag sometimes. It can feel like it will take all day, and sometimes we lose our whole weekend in attempts to keep our homes clean. 

Cleaning gets especially difficult when you have pets and children as well. We all want to make cleaning a bit easier for ourselves, find a way to make it happen quicker, so we can use our free time to actually enjoy ourselves and have fun. However, it is not always the easiest feat, and sometimes it can get so difficult that it just feels overwhelming. 

You should be able to spend your free time on yourself, not cleaning, and that is why we are here to give you some tips to help make your cleaning inside your home and in your garden a little easier. 

Plan ahead. 

Planning ahead is the best way to cut back on long cleaning days. Cleaning one room at a time can save time. When it comes to cleaning, dealing with things that need to go in the wash is priority, get those bedsheets off and pop them in the washing machine. Vacuuming and dusting are next, usually dusting before vacuuming, so you do not end up with any dust on your clean floors. 

Taking things one at a time, rather than viewing it as a mind-map list of things to do. 

With your garden, consider what needs to be done. If you have a lawn, mowing it regularly can prevent it becoming time-consuming. Regular mowing will keep the grass at an even level, and you are more likely to spend less time on it another day. Sweeping up mess can also be time-consuming, however there are other methods for that, and this takes us to our next point. 

Make washing easier. 

Rather than sweeping up the mess in your garden, why not wash it away? Power washers are fantastic for this, it will clean any dirt off of your patios and stonework, and you do not need to worry about the hard work of brushing dirt away, it takes half the time. One of the best things you can use are top performing pressure washer surface cleaners. These will work to get rid of dirty walls, dirt on your driveway, and they leave whole areas sparkling clean in just a matter of minutes! 

When it comes to washing indoors, your outdoor power washer isn’t ideal. However, indoors you can use a steam cleaner. While these are not the cheapest of products, they will get out stains and odors very quickly and leave your home smelling and looking fantastic. A lot of these are perfectly usable for both fabrics and hardwood areas. You can even steam clean your cushions. 

While vacuums, brushes and mops are all fantastic, they do not always do the whole job, and sometimes we need something a little more hardcore, pressure washers and steam cleaners do this, and they do it in half the time. 

Choose the right cleaning products. 

Do be cautious of the cleaning products you use. Know what areas of your house need what type of cleaning products. 

Much like you are better off using a steam cleaner than a vacuum or mop and bucket, some products will also do a better job. When you are cleaning hardwood floors, using a simple solution is best, bleach should be avoided to elongate the life of your flooring. Outdoors, use products that are healthy for your garden. Think pesticides, if you have a bug problem be sure to be cautious with it, and if you can avoid using chemical based ones as they can harm other plants and friendly animals and pest-eating insects. 

Be careful of the products you use, and always try to go for low chemical solutions wherever possible. 


Finally, organization is key to keeping things clean. During the week, when you are going about your business, try to do a little here and there. You do not need to vacuum, mop, dust, or mow the grass. Instead, if you are passing by, and you see something that needs picking up, or some washing that will need doing, pick it up, put  quick wash on, move objects that need moving. It might take a couple of minutes out of your day, but it will save, adding a lot more time when you are cleaning. 

Similarly, getting special units, for storage and organization, can help to maintain space and save on mess. 

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