No DirecTV Subscription: Know Alternate Ways To Get Sunday Ticket

October 5, 2021

Game Streaming available on Sundays starts from 12:45 PM to 8:15 PM ET in the regular season. The National Football League (NFL) is the professional football league of America that consists of 32 national teams. It is more than just a sport to people. 

We eagerly await the whole year for this to begin. However, the broadcast rights are reserved for only a few streaming platforms. Another downside of this game is the regional restrictions that play a huge role in its demand. Streaming any NFL game is comparatively expensive and complicated. 

The exclusive NFL package is only available with DirecTV, but have you ever wondered what you can do if you do not have DirecTV?

What Is A Sunday Ticket?

Football fanatics would surely know what is best, that is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket (NFLST). It is only one of its kind ensuring live, out-of-market games on Sundays. The rights to stream NFLST on DirecTV will only last until 2022. It lets you access about 150 games on FOX and CBS that are exclusive out-of-market games. For instance, if you are residing outside the local area of your team, this is when NFL Sunday Ticket could prove to be helpful. It airs out-of-market games irrespective of your location. 

It means if you need to watch Sunday exclusive matches, then you have to be a DirecTV customer. Is it? Well, here are a few ways to stream Sunday matches without DirecTV. 

How To Get Sunday NFL Ticket Without DirecTV?

Here is the thing; the rights of streaming the NFL Sunday game are only reserved to DirecTV. Therefore, you would need its subscription and satellite dish to watch it. Although, you can find the clips of matches over the internet, the exclusiveness DirecTV can give you is unmatched. 

There is more to this information. You can check your eligibility to get a Sunday ticket through NFLSTV.TV. Following are the conditions for the same:

  1. You should reside in an area where there is no DirecTV satellite service. 
  2. You should live in an apartment building, condo, or other multi-unit building. 

In order to figure out if you are eligible for a Sunday ticket other than DirecTV, these are the steps to follow.

Check Your Eligibility With DirecTV

If you fulfill the following eligibility criteria, then you will have to get the DirecTV ticket. In order to check your eligibility, you will have to sign up with your address. You would not be able to watch NFL Sunday Ticket without that. You are then only left with the option to choose between the two choices of subscription. 

  • NFLST.TV To Go: It costs $293.96 per year. You can only watch Sunday Night Football on one device with this plan. 
  • NFLST.TV Max: It costs $395.99 for the year. You can stream games on one device, but Red Zone and Fantasy Zone channels are included. 

Choose a plan you would want to subscribe to, create your account, type your account details for payment, and keep going with the steps mentioned on your screen. 

After the account setup, download the Sunday ticket and watch games on any device you wish. Your web browser would work fine.

If your mobile phone is compatible enough, then you can install the NFL Sunday Ticket app and scroll your favorite games.  

How To Get Sunday Ticket For Students?

College NFL fans wish to watch it on a budget. DirecTV has special offers for you people. In the last season, it has proved to be a great benefit for college students. If you have attended or are attending two-year or four-year universities, then you can get a $24.99 per month subscription for four months or you can get $99.96 for the whole season. The student’s package lets you enjoy the same content but at a lower price. It also consists of Red Zone, Fantasy Zone, and students can add a Game Pass for $49. 

The qualification criteria are simple. You only need to provide your name, birthday, and college. The site has to find your student record. This could be the best deal you can ever get. As with other deals, you will have to renew to get continuous access to games. 

Live Streaming Platforms

Streaming services like Hulu+Live TV, provide you with almost every game of the week. You can stream them via standard television channels. It comes cheaper than DirecTV and can be watched on any device: TV, phone, and computer. 


Once you have completed the whole process of checking if you fulfill all the requirements, then you can download it on your device, no matter if it is Apple TV, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Roku, Amazon devices, Xbox and PC, and Playstation 4. You can use it on any device. The new subscribers of DirecTV will get a week for free. 

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