Dating: Why Do Some Guys Seem To Have All The Luck

March 14, 2019

Lucky in love? Why is it that some guys seem to have all the luck in love? Whatever they do and wherever they go they seem to be the one the one attracting the attention of the ladies. And what is even more galling is that they often are not the best looking guys around. Did the expert’s advice really work wonders for them and like they got better after just coaching? How do they do this and why are you not getting your fair share too?

Dating and Relationships: Looks or Personality?

We have heard the looks vs personality argument many times before and indeed many people may well use this argument as something of a comfort blanket when we are not performing as well as we may hope in the dating and relationships arena. In order to be able to rationalize this a little better perhaps turn things the other way round and consider what you are attracted to in a potential partner.

We spoke to a couple of London escorts from who told us that when it comes to dating and love it is about what is on the inside and not on the outside.

London escort Gya quoted, “Look’s fade over time, but personality does not and this is the key thing for me! Money can buy looks in a sense that you can have reconstruction, but having a heart of gold is priceless.”

I had to agree with this statement myself and I loved what the girls had to say, beauty is more than just looks, so remember that the next time you go on a date!

Imagine being out with a group of guys and you see some ladies apparently free and available in a bar somewhere. Naturally you are initially drawn to what attracts you first. Pretty face maybe? Great figure? You may even be something of a boob obsessive and have this high on your list. So, you watch them for a while to assess your chances and who appeals the most. It does not take long before you are subconsciously studying character also. The girls with the big smile becomes attractive. As do the girls with some character and a little  ‘something about them’.

Well, this is usually what your ‘lucky in love’ guy has honed to perfection, either consciously or accidentally. He recognizes that looks are literally skin deep and that girls are looking for much more. An infectious personality maybe, but certainly some interaction. In surveys, girls rate good conversation and a sense of humor way above good looks. So, all you need to do is get to that first base and get talking to your potential date. 

How Does Mr Shy Get Chatting to a Girl?

Ok, so maybe you are not the infectious personality or star of the show kind of guy. The simple fact is though that you have to make a little effort to engage. The good news is the very hardest part is that first step. Once you have broken the ice then things fall into place naturally. 

So, a cheesy one liner? Why not, it will create a smile and response and that is all you are looking for at this stage – creating some engagement. Have you got the confidence to approach a girl with the one liner, “I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours?” Or if that feels a little too brutal for you how about, “Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

Relax, both will provoke a response and, unless she is a savage piece of work she will respond. You have done the hard work — the approach. She will thank you for this and you can get on with your elevator pitch to get to know her better. Ask open ended questions that force her to answer. Are you local? I have not seen you around before do you get out much? Questions like these will get a response and you will learn as you go, which then in turn prompts more questions. 

Dating and Relationships: A Numbers Game?

Then it is up to the two of you to chat away and see if there is any spark between you. You will both know after just a few minutes. And the key thing here; if it is not working out then do not drag the pair of you through a tortuous evening trying to force things. Admit it is not right then move on.

Is dating a numbers game? Of course it is. Do not expect to hit the jackpot the first time. But as you meet more ladies you will hone your skills, become more confident then suddenly, one day you will find someone that excites and enchants you. It will be instantly recognizable and bingo you are off. Suddenly, you have become the envy of all your male friends!

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