How To Understand You Are Dating A Psychopath

March 29, 2021

Movies have provided us with a lot of romanticized or just creepy images of psychopaths. One of the brightest representatives is Villanelle from the TV series “Killing Eve.” According to various estimates, 1-2% of the total population live with that disorder, and about 10% of people show psychopathic traits even though they do not belong to clinical cases. What you need to know about this syndrome and how to recognize its signs when you have single women chat.

What Is It?

People often use the word “psychopath” to describe someone cruel and antisocial, although there is no such diagnosis from a clinical point of view. Sometimes it is just studied within the diagnosis of “antisocial (dissocial) mental breakdown.” The DSM-5 treat psychopathy, sociopathy, and antisocial mental disturbance as synonyms.

Even though there is a particularly big percentage of people with dissocial mental instability among prison inmates, there is also the hypothesis of “successful madmen,” according to which this disease sometimes does not prevent a person from remaining a prosperous member of society. Moreover, purposefulness, manipulativeness, lack of emotionality of a psychopath are often perceived by others as leadership qualities that help them gain high positions.

What Traits Should Alert You?

It is important to mention that these are only indirect signs that are not enough for a diagnosis. In some situations, any of us may demonstrate some of these traits, but if a person suffers from this disorder, these qualities will be especially pronounced parts of their personality.

  • They are into extreme things

People who possess psychopathic traits usually have a very meager and superficial emotional range. They hardly feel truly deep and strong feelings, and therefore, they often feel boredom, which pushes them to risk. It can be either a tendency to illegal actions, for example, to steal something in a store for fun or a legitimate craving for extreme sports. Sometimes, it is about a desire to create some kind of activity around themselves that can involve some intrigues and alike stuff.

  • They harm people without remorse

It is not necessarily about physical violence since one can harm people morally or financially. They might not do this in relation to you, but they easily break other people’s things or say something unpleasant. At the same time, the psychopath does not experience any special emotions: they are not able to assess the damage done to the feelings of other people and sincerely repent of their actions. For the same reason, they do not learn from different situations in life and repeat the same mistakes.

  • They are prone to manipulation

The person with such a mental instability likes to manipulate, partly because of narcissism, partly because of the indifference to the feelings of other people. They put their needs and desires first, and they will do everything necessary to get what they want. Also, people with such a disorder are prone to lies, sometimes pathological. Although all this sounds rather sinister, it is not easy to recognize these alarm traits in a partner. Sometimes manipulation can be hidden behind the most harmless actions.

  • They do not have empathy

One of the main features of a psychopath is the lack of empathy. Often this feature leads to antisocial conduct. However, it is not always easy to notice this peculiarity in someone’s behavior. Sometimes people can perfectly imitate empathy and other emotions because it helps them manipulate others and make them do what they need.

  • They constantly require attention to themselves

These personalities are egocentric. They are convinced of their own exclusivity and significance. It is important for them to find confirmation of this in people around them; therefore, people with this syndrome require attention to themselves and do not tolerate ignoring.

  • They do not keep their word

People with mental instability traits are often impulsive and cannot build far-reaching plans and follow them. They easily break promises and commitments — no matter how serious they are. Therefore, they often have problems with work or finances. At the same time, such a person is prone to blame others for their problems, mistakes, and wrong deeds. They will always find a reason for their behavior and are not able to admit a mistake, at least sincerely.

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