The Honest Truth Of Love Spells And How To Make Them Work

February 26, 2021

Love and relationships are very fragile. For quite a few of us who have not been entirely successful in the matters of the heart, the mention of the word ‘love’ can be quite painful. However, of all the woes of romance, the most painful one is one-sided love. People who are victims of the one-sided romance often feel dejected, suffer heartaches, and a constant feeling of emotional-low. 

They say that great relations are based on mutual honesty and trust. However, when you fail to achieve the love of your life, should those rules be bent? Absolutely not. Even though love spells might give you the idea of forceful enchantments and deceitful potions, they are quite the opposite. Love spells are supposed to enable you to constantly focus on your spiritual energy and attract the attention of the universe towards your goal. 

This love spells guide aims at informing you about the basic history and how they work, so read on.

Ancient Love Enchantments

The earliest documentation of romantic sorcery has been found in Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform tablets dating back to 2200 BCE near present-day Iraq. 

Erotic spells evolved in ancient Greece in two forms. The magic practiced by men was called Eros whereas the magic practiced by women was called Philia. Philia was practiced as a form of self-therapy to maintain youth and beauty. Since monogamy was not a very stringent social norm yet, women practiced Philia to keep themselves attractive and prevent their male counterparts from leaving them. On the other hand, Eros was practiced by men and prostitutes to instill sexual desires to achieve selfish needs. Similar practices were found in Egyptians, Celtic people, in Roman Britain, and Germanic people.

In the later part of the medieval period, marriage developed into a prominent part of social life. During the renaissance, magic spells were quite expensive and considered to be dangerous if used improperly. Therefore they were mostly practiced by the rich and influential towards socially important unions. With the gradual dominance of Christianity, love magic found its presence in catholic rituals and was considered both Christian and pagan. A large collection of medieval history of love spells can be found in the literature and art of this period.     

How To Make A Love Spell Work

These days love spells exist in many forms. They can be used to make someone fall in love with you, make a former lover return to you, call out to your soul-mate, or remove any form of obstacles you face in your love life. Some of them use positive spiritual energy to attain your goal while a few of them use negative energy to fulfill them. It is important to understand them and to apply the right kind of spell to attain your love, for nothing is as pure as true love.

Focussing on what you wish to achieve and the method you choose to achieve that goal are critical factors. You should understand that you should never mess with another person’s free will. Influencing them positively will ensure long-term effects, whereas shortcuts might cut your objectives short and also have undesirable side effects.

Preparation, before you start the process, is as important as the spell itself. You must have all that is required. The perfect equipment, suitable area, cleansing your aura as well as that of the place are all important factors to consider before you start the ritual. You must make sure that the conditions are most favorable for your undivided attention.

Make sure that you do not mistake the ritual for a one-time effort. Maintain patience and concentration on your love spell until you have achieved the desired outcome. Keep yourself focussed at all times and keep a positive attitude.

Remember that if you concentrate hard enough on your objective in the correct manner, the energies of the universe take notice and help you achieve your goal. Meditation can also work wonders at linking two minds together.

I cannot emphasize this enough that there are thousands of ways in which you can go wrong. So if you are unsure of anything at all, or simply lack the amount of patience this needs, it never hurts to get an expert opinion. An expert can guide you with the correct procedure as well as reassure you that you have followed the steps properly. They can also advise you to find the correct love spells that could achieve your desired results. 

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