How To Backpack Across The World With Ease In 2018

March 15, 2018

Backpacking your way across the planet is bound to be as scary as it is exciting. Yet it does not need to be. There are many superb ways you can make travel a doddle, so you can simply focus on embracing an unforgettable adventure. Learn how to backpack across the world with ease in 2018:

Set A Daily Budget

Setting a daily budget will ensure you never run out of cash on your travels. Before you start your epic adventure, you must identify exactly how much money you will need to spend each day. For example, you should learn more about accommodation, food, and transport costs at your chosen destinations. You should also account for leisurely activities in your backpacking budget, such as activities and attractions. It also might help to leave a little wiggle room in your budget for unexpected surprises, so you never run short of money.

Find The Best International Call Rates

There might be times on your travels when you will want to ring home or connect with your fellow travel buddies in different countries. You should, therefore, identify the best international call rates, so you can make affordable calls that will not hurt your bank balance. Learn more about Viber rates for various destinations across the world.

Start Haggling With Vendors

Never pay full price for an item if you do not need to. There will be times on your travels when you may encounter a vendor, cab driver, or store owner who will try to receive as much money out of you as possible for a product or service. Yet many might be more than happy to haggle on their pricing and some even expect it. For example, Southeast Asia is widely known for haggling, so you should not be afraid of negotiating your way to a better deal. You never know, you could secure a deal that is 50% cheaper than the asking price, which can effectively top up your travel money. All you need to do is remain calm, friendly, and respectful.

Do Not Pack Too Much

Is this your first time backpacking? You might be tempted to throw everything you own into your backpack, but do not. Carrying a heavy backpack will only tarnish your experience and you will probably have no use for half the items in your luggage. So, only bring a handful of clothing with you that are suitable for each climate and make sure to pack comfortable yet durable clothing. You may need to sacrifice on style, but comfort is key when traveling on a plane, train, or bus.

Avoid Packing Expensive Gadgets

Sadly, every country on the planet will have unscrupulous people who will be more than happy to steal your belongings to make a quick buck. You should, therefore, keep your expensive gadgets at home, rather than taking them with you on your travels, so you can protect your belongings. It will also ensure a negative experience does not tarnish a cultural experience.

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