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Hair Damage – Identify the signs and opt-in for simple repair treatments

September 21, 2018
We are always experimenting with our tresses. Or not taking adequate care of our hair due to an erratic lifestyle. The outcome is damaged, dry, and brittle hair. A hair strand comprises three layers. The inner layer is the medulla, encompassed by another middle layer called the cortex. There is...

Six Helpful Tips To Improve And Maintain Your Hair

Hair Tips
July 4, 2018
Have you been actively searching for ways to improve your hair’s health? If so, you are in the right place. While your stylist can do many things to help make your hair look great, there are things you can do, as well. Even if your hair is somewhat frizzy and dry...

How To Get Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Hair Goals
April 27, 2018
Some women seem to be born with amazing hair. Whether they are headed to the gym or headed out on a date, their hair always looks incredible -- shiny, bouncy, and perfectly healthy. Having beautiful hair like this takes more than luck and good genes, however. Typically, people who have...

Tips On How To Properly Care For Your Hair Wig

February 8, 2018
Wigs, just like normal hair, have to be properly maintained. Caring for your wig has the benefit of increasing its lifespan, in the process, saving you a lot of money. Your wig says so much about you. Imagine showing up to a function with a dirty, smelly, and unkempt wig....

How To Choose The Best Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair Growth
November 16, 2017
Generally, the purpose of shampoo is to clean your hair. But, the best shampoo must also take care of your scalp aside from your hair. There are several types of shampoos, but whatever you choose, whether it is for hair growth or a hydrating shampoo, make sure that it only...