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Dry Shampoos And Bars: The New Alternatives To Treat Your Hair

hair growth
April 16, 2022
Since we are approaching the Spring season, it is about time to start taking care of our hair again. But what is the best way of doing that? Shampooing every day, or sometimes more than that, can be harmful to your hair.  But at the same time, skipping a day...

The Ultimate Guide For Curly And Healthy Hair This Summer

Portrait of a curly haired woman at the beach
June 18, 2021
The sunny season is the perfect time to go out, have fun, and take in loads of warmth from the sun. However, depending on the forecast, the season can turn into a challenging period for women with curly strands.  While the amount of curl or its potential to encounter damage...

Five Silly, Yet Disastrous, Styling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

March 23, 2021
The fact is, to look your best, you need to style and maintain your hair every day. It is therefore imperative to do everything you can to avoid the dreaded "bad hair day". However, almost everyone has seen it; the glorious hair styling fails that stems from the most minute...

Six Common Hair Problems And How To Fix Them

common hair problems
August 19, 2020
Every woman wants to achieve long smooth hair that reflects her personality and makes her feel confident. But due to weather conditions and pollution, women’s hair is easily damaged and is harder to style. Fortunately, there are ways to address the most common hair issues. Continue reading as we identify...

Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Custom Hair System

Mens Hair
May 7, 2020
Custom hair systems and hair toupees are quickly becoming the first choice for men who want to treat hair loss without the risk of side effects. Still, when it comes to buying a custom hair system for the first time, many men are naturally full of doubts and questions.  In this blog,...