Five Silly, Yet Disastrous, Styling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

March 23, 2021

The fact is, to look your best, you need to style and maintain your hair every day. It is therefore imperative to do everything you can to avoid the dreaded “bad hair day”. However, almost everyone has seen it; the glorious hair styling fails that stems from the most minute of mistakes. But here is the silver lining; while small mistakes can result in hair styling disasters, minor changes and precautions to your daily hair care routine can quickly help you avoid these flops.

So, without further ado, let us jump in.

1. Applying Excessive Heat

Using excessive heat on your hair is one of the surest ways to inflict unspeakable horrors on it. Now, you have seen those YouTube videos where people put their hair through curling/straightening irons — the main culprits — and their strands come clean off. Ideally, you do not want this. So, why does this happen?

For starters, the use of heating tools regularly — even with the correct temperatures — makes your hair age faster. To avoid this, use these styling tools infrequently.

What is more, you should always avoid poorly designed and inferior quality styling tools as they often provide irregular, excessive, and inconsistent heat that can easily result in extensive damage. Now, if you have been searching for good and efficient styling tools, this informative post from Wise Barber lists some of the best flat irons in 2021.

2. Using Too Much Hair Product

Do you sometimes find yourself with greasy, shellacked hair that seems to fall flat on the head without any character or definition? Well, if you do, product overloading may be the culprit. Now, product overloading refers to applying excess product to the hair and to areas that do not need it. For instance, applying product to the hair’s root can quickly result in the build-up of oils that make your hair look flat and dull.

To combat this, start by determining where your hair needs the product the most — and spoiler alert; it is not at the root. Next, practice portion control by adding product bit by bit until you get your desired style.

3. Harsh Hair Care Practices

Employing harsh hair care practices can range from washing your hair with hot water to severe and overly-frequent hair brushing. For example, using a vigorous hair brushing technique can easily cause your strands to break — especially if they are already damaged by heat and excessive styling. To avoid this, ensure you take proper care of your hair, such as brushing from the ends to the roots. Moreover, you will want to use warm, not hot, water while washing your hair.

4. Skipping Regular Trims

Now, this applies to everyone — even those looking to grow out their hair. Why? Well, the ends of the strands are usually old and worn down, having been subjected to straightening, blow-drying, brushing, and more. That is why these parts are often hard to style. Moreover, once the ends begin to split, the damage can quickly spread by traveling up to the mid-lengths. So, make sure you trim your hair regularly.

5. Styling Very Wet Hair

As a rule of thumb, do not style your hair when it is wet. Now, to be clear, by wet I mean dripping wet, not damp. So, why is this important? Well, your hair is most vulnerable while wet, and if you introduce some tension, it will break quite easily. So, start styling your hair while it is damp or towel-dried. Doing this ensures that the hair will style easily and that water will not dilute the product.

Now, while these tips do not guarantee that you will not suffer a bad hair day ever again. However, they will dramatically lower the chances of that happening. Give it a try. 

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