The Ultimate Guide For Curly And Healthy Hair This Summer

June 18, 2021

The sunny season is the perfect time to go out, have fun, and take in loads of warmth from the sun. However, depending on the forecast, the season can turn into a challenging period for women with curly strands. 

While the amount of curl or its potential to encounter damage is partly influenced by genetics, you still need to follow a routine to protect your stands and add more bounce. This summer, if you are looking to transition to a more natural look or are ready to embrace your kinky locks, we got you. Here is the ultimate guide for curly and healthy hair this summer: 

1. Choose The Right Hair Products

New hair products are always popping up during summer. However, you cannot simply grab a random product you see on the shelves; you need to select products specifically for curly hair. Commonly, these items are designed to combat brittleness and are supplemented with hydrating ingredients to lock in moisture.

To make sure these items are doing their job, read the label and look for nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and certain emollients. At the same time, be wary of drying ingredients such as sulfate, alcohol-based chemicals, and the like. These will only shrink your spirals and keep them looking dull as you spend time outdoors.

In addition to your shampoo, purchase hair masks, gels, mousse, and other products that can make your hair light and healthy. These products can also support your hairstyle and hold your hair longer.

To fight against humidity, purchase a conditioner. This helps you seal moisture and supplement your other hair care products. After washing your hair, you can invest in a detangling lotion to make it easy to maintain your curl pattern.

2. Style It Right

Warm weather hits curly, textured hair differently as it can make your strands frizzy and lackluster. To combat damage, you can style your hair in ponies, braids, pineapple updo, sleek knots, double buns, and more. Styling your hair can help you manage its attitude while allowing you to enjoy various fun and easy hairstyle. 

Make sure to use elastics and hair-friendly accessories. If you’re about to use hairspray or curl-defining hair, choose one that has hair-friendly ingredients as your coils are already delicate. However, if you want to keep your locks down, you can style your hair using hairpins. You can also take inspiration from celebrities and other digital influencers blessed with spiral locks.

Moreover, another hairstyle to take note of as you sleep is the pineapple technique. It allows you to get your hair out of the way and keep your hair up while you doze off, minimizing frizz when you wake up the next day.

3. Set An Appointment In The Hair Salon

Apart from your daily, personal efforts, another way to keep your spirals healthy during the sunny months is visiting the hair salon. A hair expert will examine your locks and choose a hair care procedure that can keep it looking healthy and take the volume to new heights. 

These professionals have been trained to treat and care for various curl patterns, texture, and fragility. Hence, try to set up an appointment and allow them to elevate the look of your locks.

You can also ask these salon professionals for styling techniques, hair care tips, and repair treatments for damaged hair. Surely, their advice will supplement your entire hair regimen.

4. Detangle Gently

If your hair is still wet, make sure not to touch or use a blow dryer. Touching your hair can cause friction and disrupt its pattern. On the other hand, blow-drying can compromise your hair definition. Take note that your curly locks are naturally fragile. 

Hence, blot, or plop it with your towel and allow it to dry on its own before you start the detangling process. Detangling can either be done through finger combing your strands or using a wide-toothed comb. 

5. Limit Sun Exposure

While summer is the time to head outside, do yourself a favor and avoid certain hostile elements. Constant ultraviolet (UV) exposure and swimming either in the sea or pool can make your hair dry and brittle, increasing the likelihood of damage.

If you are staying outdoors for longer, use an umbrella, cap, scarf, and similar items to protect your coils and hair cuticles. Also, give your hair a boost by doubling your efforts in moisturizing it with gels, serums, and hydrating products.


Unlike your straight hair gals, your curls tend to lack moisture and can be difficult to manage, especially during the hottest period of the year. Give your hair the love and attention it deserves by following the guide above. All of these can keep your locks healthy and bouncy despite the scorching heat.

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