Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Custom Hair System

May 7, 2020

Custom hair systems and hair toupees are quickly becoming the first choice for men who want to treat hair loss without the risk of side effects. Still, when it comes to buying a custom hair system for the first time, many men are naturally full of doubts and questions. 

In this blog, we will talk about five important points that you need to consider before buying a custom hair replacement system. Our quick guide will help you place a picture-perfect custom hairpiece order and minimize the chance of any mistakes.

Without further ado, let us get to the first point:

Base Material 

The base material will go a long way to determining how natural or durable your custom hair replacement system is. There are other factors, such as how the hair is ventilated to the base, but ultimately, it is down to the design of the base. Both French lace and 0.03mm ultra-thin skin (polyurethane) are very popular for their realism whereas monofilament bases are known for their hard-wearing, durable nature.

The base material also decides how breathable your men’s hair piece will be and how comfortable it will feel on your head. Some base materials are more ventilated than others whilst others are a lot thinner than others. 

You will also have to think about your lifestyle and the climate of where you live. You will probably want a lightweight, very breathable material like French lace if you live in a hot place or exercise a lot. 

Be sure to consult top hair experts at Lordhair for help in selecting the right base material for your custom hair system. 

Hair Type 

Whilst many men are happy to go with regular human hair, hair type should not be overlooked, especially when a custom hair system gives you full control over every feature of a hair system. Here’s a quick lowdown on three popular human hair options: 

Indian hair: This is the default choice for most and it has a soft and smooth texture. Genetically, it is very similar to Caucasian hair and it makes a good choice if you are going to be replacing your hair system often.  

Remy hair: This type of hair is also human hair, but it is gathered in such a way that all its cuticles are pointing in the same direction. It will tangle and matt less. It is premium-quality hair and it will stay soft and sleek for longer.

European hair: Known for being the softest and finest hair material, it is super-silky and feels sleek when touched. 

Be warned that the type of hair you choose can have a big influence on the final cost of your custom hair system so if you want higher quality hair then be prepared to pay more for it. 

Hair Color 

Matching your hair color with that of your custom hair system is crucial for an undetectable look. You do not want an obvious difference in color between the hair system and your own hair. That is why it is best you send in hair samples to get an accurate color match.

Base Size 

One of the best things about opting for a customized hair replacement system is that you can choose a base made that fits the exact size of your hair loss area. There will, therefore, be no need to cut the base down to size like you might have to do with a stock unit. For first-time buyers, taking head measurements can be a little tricky but unless your measurements change, you only need to give your base size once. It is actually a good idea to get someone to help you as you can see in this video that shows you the right way to take the measurements for your base size:

Hair Density

While customizing your hairpiece, choose a hair density that best matches your real hair. Getting the wrong density or an inappropriate one for your age can be one of the surest signs to others that you are wearing a hair system.

Do not make the common mistake of going for a higher hair density, because you are excited to have the chance to have hair again unless you are not worried about people detecting your hairpiece. You can learn more about different hair densities for your custom hair system from this video: 

By keeping the above points in mind, you will order the perfect custom hairpiece for yourself. Thankfully, top hair system suppliers like Lordhair have an online ordering process in place that will guide you through all of the above very easily!

Share your first hair system buying experience with us to help others pick the best one for them! 

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