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Here Is Why Hong Kong Is a Good Travel Destination

July 29, 2020
Hong Kong is a gorgeous city with the most spectacular skyline in the world. It is the best definition of the East connecting West in a meticulous fashion.  Hong Kong has many breathtaking types of scenery, sporting activities, entertainment options, historical sites, and much more. Any holidaymaker relishes their time...

Top Fashion And Lifestyle Online Stores In Hong Kong

February 8, 2020
Hong Kong indeed is the best place to shop in the world. With peoples for diverse cultures thriving in the country shopping and dining has become a part of recreational activities, as well as way of life here. With so many things available to shop, the significant items for which...

A Review Of The Ritz Carlton In Hong Kong

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong
September 30, 2016
When visiting Hong Kong, every tourist would like to stay in the heart of the city. The Ritz Carlton is the perfect choice, if you are looking for luxurious accommodation in the best location. Prominently dotting the skyline of Hong Kong, the Ritz Carlton is chosen by people who want to...

The Most Defining Moments Of My Careers (Part 2)

Andi Perullo de Ledesma
April 6, 2016
As discussed in Part 1 of this series, My Beautiful Adventures began as a something fun to do to pass the time while my career as a Chinese Medicine Doctor grew. I had become quite obsessed with traveling, to the point that I was anxious if I was either 1) not...