Here Is Why Hong Kong Is a Good Travel Destination

July 29, 2020

Hong Kong is a gorgeous city with the most spectacular skyline in the world. It is the best definition of the East connecting West in a meticulous fashion.  Hong Kong has many breathtaking types of scenery, sporting activities, entertainment options, historical sites, and much more.

Any holidaymaker relishes their time spent in this sprawling Eastern city. It throbs with life both day and night. Click here to check the Hong Kong flights and enjoy what the world best has to offer. Hong Kong is one of the most competitive and independent cities in the world. Find out some of the reasons Hong Kong should feature in your destination list.

  1. Learn Cantonese

Is there a better way to immerse in a new destination than learning the lingo? The language will come in handy, as you bargain for your meal at the market, or help you figure out the gossip around.

Cantonese is a variety of the Chinese language. It has six to nine tones depending on where you hear it from, compared to the universally spoken English that has no tone.

Mandarin, the official Chinese language has four tones, Thai has five, and Vietnamese has six. This means that one word in English can be pronounced six various ways, and have at least six different meanings depending on how a word is pronounced. Quite interesting!

Do not be intimidated by the seeming complexity of this language. Interestingly, some of the ancient Cantonese is spoken in the US, UK, and Europe in regions where immigrants speak Cantonese with no Mandarin tints.

  1. Lowest Crime Rate

Roam free in Hong Kong, the safest large city in the world. Hong Kong has long been regarded as a secure haven globally. There is nothing as frightening as knowing you are an easy target of thievery when you are visiting a new destination, not so in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong has a 0.2 per 100,000 homicide rate, a record of close to 17 years, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in 2017.

The culture of respect and tranquility rules the city that has a population of more than 6 million city dwellers, all crammed into a region of 1,104 square kilometers.

  1. World Best Transport Network

Welcome to the least car-dependent city in the world. Hong Kong has approximately 710,000 registered automobiles. Traveling on the city’s public transport vessels is a sheer joy. There are trams, rail networks, armored personnel carriers, and ferries.

Mass Transit Railway (MTR) HAS 84 railway stations, 68 light rail stops in its winding network. Its efficiency and affordability have made it the preferred mode of public transport. Only remember to buy an Octopus Card, you save time, because you will not need to queue and money, since it guarantees you a discounted fare.

If you do not fancy MTR, then you can opt for the tram. Hong Kong is the only one of its kind to operate a fleet of twin-decker trams. As you ride atop these double-decker beasts, you get a theme park ride experience, so you can as well forget going to the park.

4. A Myriad of Skyscrapers

There are more than 4000 buildings in Hong Kong city with some soaring more than 400 meters. These tall buildings have become the very fabric of this metropolitan. They provide living and working spaces for most city dwellers.

Here are a handful of these structures:

  • The Arc Complex

This tall structure was erected in the tribute of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. It has two towers that are conjoined from the 69th floor and up. Napoleon might not have walked through this magnificent arc, but the flats’ prices tell it all. 

  • Bank of China Tower

This high rise landmark is arched in the likeness of a knife. It stands at 367 meters and was constructed to symbolize the prosperity of the city. As you walk along the inviting pedestrian promenade on the first floor, you forget that this is a congested city. 

What is more, the curtain glass that clad this intimidating tower continuously mirrors the changing sky, further accentuating Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline.

To give the city dwellers and visitors, a unique view of the Hong Kong skyline is an observation deck on the 43rd floor. This is a central vantage point where you can have an aerial view of the sprawling city below. 

  • International Commerce Center

ICC tower is arguably the most majestic structure in Hong Kong. Standing at 484 meters, this is the 7th tallest building in the world. Enjoy a 360-degree view of the city from the observation deck on the 100th floor. The experience is thrilling!

Most prominent financial institutions in the world are housed at the ICC. And many other commercials, residential, and business facilities are located here. The Ozone Bar on the 108 floor is the world’s highest cocktail lounge that will serve you with the best Hong Kong drinks and delicacies. On this same floor is the world’s highest swimming pool.

If you are looking for state-of-the-art jewelry, gifts, and souvenirs, visit the many shops housed here. ICC is a one-shop-stop that will give you a fantastic experience.

  • Two International Finance Towers

This is another masterpiece of Cesar Pelli, the architect of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and World Trade Center in New Yolk. On these Two International Towers are 22 trading floors, and 88 stories in a 412 m tall skyscraper. This is notably the 2nd tallest building in Hong Kong.

Designed to complement nature’s beauty, the IFC is erected on the waterfront of Hong Kong, overlooking the Victoria Harbor. It is the heart of prime, grade-A office space. Multinational corporations and leading financial institutions have shared the pride of this iconic landmark for over a decade. The IFC is the symbol of Hong Kong’s robust financial muscle.

After sunset, the two towers come alive with colorful lights that further heighten the skyscraper’s beauty. It has won several accolades of awards for its exemplary design and technology.

To sum it up, Hong Kong has won the hearts of many with its never-ending options it offers to all the visitors who tour the city. Consider including it in your itinerary today.

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