The 2020 Long-Term Travel Guide: Packing List For A Month Long Trip

July 29, 2020

If you are one of the lucky ones who will manage to get away this summer, then you will likely want to make your trip worthwhile, and for a lot of eager travelers this will mean an extra-long trip. The months of having no routine and uncertainty around pretty much everything has been tiring and taken its toll on us all. Nothing will break mundanity of the new routine and what has felt like an eternity of furlough, like letting yourself break free from the same four walls and enjoy a month-long travel trip. Before you grab you belonging and stuff them in a bag, take a minute to think what you will need to pack, as an extended travel trip requires more than your usual holiday packing list. 


With so much to see during a month-long trip you will be wanting to capture those special moments. Your smartphone has the camera functionality to allow you to make those memories, but having a camera with you allows you to free up your phone for other essentials, such as navigation and staying connected with friends and family. Do not forget to take spare batteries and a comfortable strap for those long days exploring.

Waterproof Phone Case

You may experience some drastic weather changes in the month you are traveling, you may also find yourself with more swimming opportunities than you may have expected, so to keep your device safe and try a waterproof phone case is a must have on your packing list.

Face Mask

As we are slowly adopting the new normal, we have been making some changes to our day to day behaviour, with the biggest being the wearing of face masks in public places. With more and more countries now requesting you wear one, why not have your own personalised face mask made at Banana Moon? You can stay safe and look good with one of these must have accessories.

Filtered Water Bottle

To stay at the top of your game you need to stay hydrated, especially if you are planning on spending part of your month-long trip exploring. Instead of relying on single-use plastic water bottles, get yourself a refillable bottle with a built-in filter for fresh, clean water on the go.


It is important to pack enough underwear, but it is inevitable you will run out. Take enough to last you two weeks, giving yourself plenty of opportunity to wash and dirty laundry along the way. It is a great idea to try take non-delicate materials and darker colors which are much more hardwearing and less likely to stain.

Combination Lock

Keeping a combination lock handy can keep your belongings safe if you are staying in a hostel or using any locker facilities during your trip. The benefit of a combination lock is there is no need to worry about losing a key, just pop in your combination and you are away!


Having something waterproof will prove really handy if you get caught in a rainstorm whilst you are out and about. A lightweight pack away poncho is small enough to fit in any backpack and will see you staying dry in any rainstorm, without the need of anything heavy or bulky.

First Aid Kit

If something untoward was to happen during your trip you may find yourself in need of medical assistance. Having a well-stocked, in-date first aid kit could prevent you needing a trip to the nearest A&E or be your fist line of defence until you find the nearest medical center. To find out what should be in your travel first aid kit check out this list from the NHS.

Currency Card

Avoid having to worry about carrying large amounts of cash during your trip, which can be a real problem if you plan on travelling through different countries. You can easily avoid this by subscribing for a travel card, which will allow you to add your funds from your bank account before your trip, and during your trip if you opt for one with a mobile application. Just like any debit card these require a pin code so if you were to lose it, your money is safe and sound!

Packing Cubes

Your packing space is limited by weight, how much depends entirely on the airline you are using so always check well in advance. To make the most of your space consider using some packing cubes, these can help keep your luggage organised whilst making the most of the limited space. You can even use an empty cube as your laundry bag, making the task of washing your clothes much easier.

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