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A Quick Look Of Mobile Nail Technician Insurance.

April 10, 2021
As a nail technician or manicurist, you'll be exposed to the public and deal with them directly, which means you'll be exposed to danger. Scissors, glue, chemicals, and nail dust can be present in your workplaces and pose a danger to others. Mobile nail technician insurance protects you in the...

How I Insured My Wedding Ring And Why You Should

Wedding Rings
April 6, 2018
Several years ago while on vacation in the Bahamas, I lost my first wedding ring, which my husband had given to me on our wedding day back in ‘83. Naturally, I was absolutely gutted when it happened. And the first thing we realized was that the ring had not been...

3 Ways That Ridesharing Affects Personal Auto Insurance

February 26, 2018
Ridesharing has completely transformed modern day travel in ways that are good as well as bad.  The model avails flexible employment and creates amazing convenience, however, most people are not sure how these awesome changes in transport are affected by, or conflict with policies and laws that are currently in...

Strategies Applied By Your Medical Practice To Avoid Coding Errors And To Reduce The Number Of Denied Claims

December 13, 2016
How much money do you lose annually, because of using the wrong codes that result in many denied claims? Admittedly, the codes are complicated and confusion can result, but with time the errors should reduce. If you are having problems dealing with the codes or having far too many denied claims,...

That Time I Broke My Ankle In Lima, Peru

Travel Quote
September 26, 2015
Many years ago, I went on a life-changing journey through South America. I was visiting both Peru and Bolivia -- two countries that had been on my Bucket List for what seemed like forever. In my mind, because I had planned everything so perfectly, nothing could go wrong. No one...