When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney To Represent You?

October 30, 2023

The injuries suffered in an automobile or truck accident are often severe. As a victim, you might be facing months, even years, of medical treatment, with piles of bills and debt increasing daily. The insurance companies responsible for covering your costs may try to deny or minimize your rightful claim. The situation can feel daunting and hopeless. But having an experienced personal injury attorney represent you can make a tremendous difference in getting you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Personal injury lawyers are advocates devoted to protecting the rights of injured people. They have a deep understanding of insurance company tactics and know how to build a compelling case to fight for fair compensation for all your damages – from medical expenses to lost income to pain and suffering. Though you may feel overwhelmed navigating the legal system on your own after an accident, a dedicated lawyer can handle the complexities and get you the best possible outcome.

After A Serious Injury

If you have suffered an injury that resulted in significant medical treatment, permanent impairment, or time away from work, you may need to condsider hiring an accident attorney. Severe injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, and any injury requiring surgery often have complications and costs that are hard to accurately calculate on your own. An attorney will evaluate the full scope of your financial and personal damages and build the strongest case for full compensation.

If Insurance Is Denying Your Claim

Insurance carriers notoriously try to avoid paying out on claims, even when the injured person clearly deserves compensation. If an insurance company is disputing liability in your case or offering you a settlement that seems unreasonable, it is time to seek legal representation. An attorney who is well-versed in insurance company tactics can advocate for your claim and make sure the settlement offered is fair.

When You Cannot Work Due To Injuries

If injuries sustained in an accident are preventing you from working and earning an income, an attorney can help you secure compensation for lost wages. A lawyer can calculate the true impact on your earning potential and make sure you are fairly compensated for the income you lose while recovering. They may also help you seek funds for vocational or disability retraining if your injuries prevent you from returning to your prior profession.

If The Insurance Company Downplays Your Pain And Suffering

Insurance adjusters will often try to minimize and invalidate claims for pain and suffering damages. This category of damages accounts for the non-financial impacts of an injury – like loss of mobility, discomfort, emotional distress, and reduced quality of life. An attorney who understands how to prove pain and suffering can advocate for appropriate compensation.

If You Cannot Afford Necessary Medical Treatment

If accident-related medical bills are piling up and you simply cannot afford critical treatment, an attorney may be able to help by securing an advance on a potential settlement. This provides you access to funds to get the medical care you need while the attorney works on your case.

Though it takes time to build a strong claim, having a quality personal injury attorney in your corner from the start can make a significant difference in the overall compensation you receive. After being injured through no fault of your own, you deserve justice – and an experienced lawyer can help make that happen. 

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