That Time I Broke My Ankle In Lima, Peru

September 26, 2015

Many years ago, I went on a life-changing journey through South America. I was visiting both Peru and Bolivia — two countries that had been on my Bucket List for what seemed like forever. In my mind, because I had planned everything so perfectly, nothing could go wrong.

No one ever thinks the worst could happen to them, especially when you are in your twenties. You think you are invincible! Unfortunately, everything can change in a second, like it did for me. I had just visited Machu Picchu and was scheduled to fly from Cusco, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia, however my flight was canceled. In order to avoid spending the night in Cusco and missing my train to Salar de Uyuni the next day, I decided to be rerouted through Lima with a 12 hour layover. My travel partner and I thought it was good fortune, because we had wanted to visit Lima, except we could not fit it into our packed schedule. Now the Universe had fit it in for us! The second we arrived in Lima, we threw our luggage in some airport lockers and took a taxi immediately to the center of town. We were going to explore as much as we possibly could in those 12 short hours. In the center of the town, stands a magnificent church called the Cathedral of Lima. We decided that would be our first stop. I walked up the stairs in the front of the church to take some photos. When I turned around to say something to my travel partner, I slipped, fell down the stairs, and felt incredible pain in my ankle. I knew in my gut that I had broken it. I sat and cried, as everyone around me tried to console me. How could I be so careless; I was beyond furious with myself!
Cathedral of Lima

We hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take us to the nearest hospital. An x-ray at the hospital confirmed the worst, it was broken, and it was broken bad. I refused to cancel the rest of my trip  due to my mistake, so the doctors put a heavy-duty cast on my leg until I could have surgery back in the States. For the next week, I had to get around the dessert of Bolivia with crutches, meanwhile I was suffering from major altitude sickness. Thankfully, I was so enamored by my surroundings, that I was able to survive the hellish week.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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