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Know Your Olive Oil

December 19, 2017
The very mention of Italian food brings forth images of olive oil, oregano, and lots of cheese. It is interesting to note that the amount of olive oil used in Italian food is unparalleled. The ABC to good Italian food is having abundant stock of olive oil. It is used...

Review: Eattiamo Box

Eattiamo Box
June 16, 2016
Not only am I huge box subscription fan, but I am also a huge Italian food fan as well (being that I am 50% Italian)! Thus, when Eattiamo -- an Italian artisanal producers box company -- reached out to me and asked for me to review one of their box's I said,...

Review: Nonna Box

Nonna Box
March 17, 2016
Everyone assumes when they meet me that I am German, as I am tall, muscular, and have blonde hair and light eyes. While it is true that I am half German, I am half Italian as well. My last name is Perullo -- it does not get more Italian than...