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March 17, 2016

Everyone assumes when they meet me that I am German, as I am tall, muscular, and have blonde hair and light eyes. While it is true that I am half German, I am half Italian as well. My last name is Perullo — it does not get more Italian than that! Although I never had the good fortune to meet most of my Italian family, since they were all living in Italy and passed away when I was a young girl, I still strongly relate to my Italian roots. I have visited Italy twice, Italian food is my favorite, and I even tried to study the language for a while. When I was married, I decided to keep my maiden name for a multitude of reasons; one being that I did not want to let go of my Italian identity. Thus, when I was introduced to the Nonna Box, which is a monthly box subscription service featuring Italian gourmet food I just had to try it!

Nonna Box

Each month, they focus on a different Italian region; curating a box that includes six imported products common to the chosen location. The goal is to bring people closer to the culinary history and traditions of these different parts of Italy and particularly via the stories and recipes of different nonnas, which means grandmother in Italian.

Nonna Box

Check out what was inside my Nonna Box! Just looking at it all makes my mouth water.

Nonna Box

My favorite was the orecchiette pasta. It is a pasta that I fell in love with years ago during a trip to Italy. Now I cannot get enough of it! Thankfully, included in all of the Nonna Boxes are simple recipes to follow, which is exactly what I did. Unfortunately, we ate the meal faster than I could take picture of it (it was that good).

Nonna Box

Everyone knows that grandmothers are the best cooks. Since it impossible to be transported into their their kitchens, the Nonna Box is the next best thing! If you want seriously authentic Italian cuisine, than look no further than this delicious box subscription. Buon appetito!

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