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Top Five Things To Do In Rome For Art Lovers

January 19, 2018
Rome is a wonderful city. It really does have something to offer everyone, including those of you who love the arts. Here are some of the highlights that are sure to please: A Night At The Opera Year-round, you can enjoy classical opera concerts in Rome. However, if you like...

Top Architectural Delights Of Rome

December 18, 2017
Rome, at one time, was considered to be the epicentre of classic architecture, which had helped in developing some of the most important forms in building use today like, the arch, dome, and vault. This in turn led to having a major impact on the urban planning and building practices...

Europe’s Best Family Friendly Destinations

June 23, 2017
Thinking of going on a holiday with the family? Europe is one of the continents you should consider exploring. Whether you are on the lookout for a city that is rich in history or one that is contemporary, the options will be endless. Keep on reading and we will give...

How To Experience Rome Like A Local

Saint Peter Basilica
June 7, 2017
The main problem for first-time visitors to Rome is how to see the most beautiful attractions of the Eternal City without haste: every time I come to Rome I realize that it would take ten lives to visit everything! So, I think it is better to choose activities that allow you...

Five Things You Should See In Monteriggioni: The Gateway To The Middle Ages

June 6, 2017
In Tuscany, there is a hamlet that stands out for its skyline -- unaltered over centuries and for its tie with the tradition -- borne out by involving historical reenactments. This hamlet is also a stage of Via Francigena, the itinerary recently became trendy amongst slow travelers in Italy and abroad. The...