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Five Unique Custom Jewelry Packaging Recommendations

November 22, 2022
If you own a jewelry store, or even just sell jewelry as part of your business, you need to make sure you are packaging your products in the right boxes. Otherwise, you could be losing out on customers. Jewelry boxes are great for enhancing the overall look and feel of...

Top Ten Jewelry Styles New Yorkers Love

August 31, 2022
The Big Apple is one of the world’s fashion hotspots. All eyes are on New York every time this city celebrates its fashion week in hopes of getting the crème de la crème of fashion and jewelry.  But you do not need to book yourself a ticket just to experience...

Seven Impressive Viking Jewelry To Match With Your Dress Code

August 1, 2022
The Vikings were one of the most feared groups in all history and they are known to be great jewelry makers too. If you are wearing an outfit that has Viking themes, these unique jewelry pieces can make your outfit look amazing. These pieces are affordable, stylish, and impressive. Of...

How To Choose The Perfect Jewelry For Your Style

June 13, 2022
If you are looking to try and improve your style in some way or another, one important thing that you might want to bear in mind is the jewelry. Having the right jewelry can often make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your style progressing...

What Is Sustainable Jewelry And Why Does It Matter

sustainable jewelry
April 20, 2022
Quality jewelry lasts a lifetime. However, many people today choose disposable pieces and throw them away after wearing them a few times. Men and women need to stop doing so and make a move to sustainable jewelry. What is sustainable jewelry, and why should you choose it? Sustainable Jewelry Ask...