Deciding On Jewelry As A Gift: A Sensitive, But Wonderful Effort

July 14, 2023

Some gifts are heartfelt, but all-encompassing. For example, it may be that a friend purchased for you a set of flowers and perhaps a picnic hamper filled with cheeses, treats and wine for your birthday. That is wonderful, very thoughtful, and much appreciated. But it may not be that personal, even if you love all of those items within the basket.

That is not to say all gifts have to be personal. But when they do, it is important to give them real thought. When you purchase someone a new gift, you are essentially telling them that you appreciate their presence, they were worth the effort, and you have noticed the kind of person they are.

So – no pressure! 

While this might seem tough to navigate, the results are more than worth it. But what if your gift recipient, be that a loved one or relative, is someone you’d like to buy jewelry for? With the scale of expense truly wider than perhaps any other accessory or fashion type, and style never really conforming to one template, deciding on a path forward may seem strange.

Never fear, because we aim to help you with that. If you are deciding on jewelry as a gift, consider this advice to help you in this sensitive, but wonderful effort:

Consider The Symbolism Of Each Piece

It is good to consider the symbolism of each piece. Gifting jewelry to someone is generally reserved for close friendships or relationships – although you might buy a boss or commercial partner a watch in specific circumstances.

Bracelets are usually considered appropriate for friends or can be wonderful for relatives. They can also be worn and stacked or left at-will, so the person can choose to wear it when they like. Necklaces and pendants are generally considered more intimate, often reserved for relationships or close relatives and perhaps very familiar friendships. Others, like brooches, pins and cufflinks can be smart gifts that help serve the fashionable tastes of the person you are gifting, again, these can be appropriate even for commercial connections.

Always make sure any gemstones, inlays, engravings and designs are suitable to the person and your connection with them.

Understanding Quality

It is important to opt for a retailer that can promise you quality and careful craftsmsanship. With brands and services like, you can be certain that this dedicated focus will come as standard.

Of course, depending on the quality, thickness, and design of the piece itself, as well as any gemstones or carat ratings, the expense may be more or less. It’s always good to opt for a well-crafted piece designed to last and with a unique style as opposed to something they could have bought, or perhaps replicated with a fake or less-crafted option.

Consider Flourishes And Adornments

Depending on your familiarity and the statement you are trying to make, a certain flourish or adornment on the piece you are purchasing can be a wonderful addition.

That might include engravings that mark special dates (for instance, graduation from university or a marriage), gemstones such as sapphires that represent loyalty and wisdom, or perhaps certain filigrees that allow for intricate designs using metal wires. 

Depending on the tastes of your partner, these adornments may be more or less suitable. It is good to consider not just what you are trying to say with the gift, but also if they will wear it. Sometimes, ostentatious designs are best left to their own taste, and simple designs that endure can be gathered with many types of outfit.

Sizes And Comforts

It is important to consider the size and comfort of the item being worn. Rings can be resized but it is good to get their ring size if you can, if only in common conversation. Necklaces tend to be relatively one-size-fits-all, but if they are particularly tall or have a larger neck you can always have the chain lengthened.

Bracelets that can be adjusted are often useful, as are watches with adjustable straps. Piercings like earrings tend to be relatively universal, just make sure they can be worn well. Comforts may also include the fittings that they prefer – for example your recipient may be more interested in leather wristwatch straps than the metal variety. 

Try to gauge what they enjoy wearing now and how they wear it, and make your purchase according to that. For example, if they usually prefer wearing their watch face-down, then you might keep a relatively simple and compact face so this does not prevent the natural rotation of their wrist.

With this advice, we hope you can better plan out and furnish someone with a wonderful gift of a necessary jewelry piece.

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