Eleven Important Steps For Jewelry Appraisal

June 20, 2016

People ask for appraisals for different reasons. When you approach a leading jeweler for an appraisal of a jewelry piece or pieces, these steps must be followed:


You must have a discussion with your jeweler on the appraisal process. A consultation will include discussing the types of appraisals available and how they work. The consult will also seek answers for the reason of the appraisal. Appraisal for insurance purposes or real estate security will determine how the process will be conducted.


To get the actual clarity of a gem or a diamond, the jewelry has to be cleaned. You will find that there will be accumulation of oils, lotions, and sweat. These will obscure the color and/or clarity of the gemstone or diamond giving a false impression. Consequently, you will obtain a false appraisal on your jewelry if it is not cleaned.

Measuring The Gemstones

Using a micrometer screw gauge or a digital gauge, your jewelry’s size will be determined. The length, width, and depth of the diamond or gemstone will be ascertained and how circular or out of shape the jewelry is will be calculated too.

Microscopic Examination

After calculating the actual jewelry size, your jeweler will undertake a thorough microscopic examination of the valuables. Any nicks, cracks, bruises, abrasions, or chips will be seen. Your appraiser might advise you to have the item repaired.

Estimation Of Jewelry Weight

Estimation of jewelry with the gem set on the appraised item is more complicated than loose gems that can have their carats easily measured. You can, however, have the diamond or gemstone removed and weighed separately if a 5% variance will yield higher value. Jewelers in Virginia Beach will advise you accordingly.

Color Determination

The color of your jewelry against the jeweler’s clear or colorless master diamonds will be determined. Hue, saturation, and tone are the attributes for describing colored gemstones. Therefore, specificity should be high, as it is the determining factor for the value in the appraisal.

Clarity Details

This is a character that defines gemstones, their internal features, or inclusions matter. For colored gemstones, the inclusions can be normal, free, or heavily included. Diamonds, for instance, have an 11-inclusion scale step for determination of clarity. The patterns of the inclusions can tell where the gem was mined.

The Cut

Evaluation of the cut puts into consideration the quality of the patterns created by the facets from the design patterns. The girdle thicknesses, table measurements, total depth, polish, and symmetry will give up to 20% of the diamond’s value.

General Description & Photography

The diamond and the metal it is set upon must be well described. An acid test should be done and the description used suitable to create a perfect image of the jewel. A photograph of the jewelry should be available, very clear, and easily reproduced in case of loss. An actual or enlarged image will be fine.

Market Research & Valuation

A market research on the value of similar jewelry should be performed online and offline. This will help in settling on a value as the appraised cost.


A printed report on the true value of the jewelry, its source, and a list of reference information should be added for authenticity. This is the appraisal report and should therefore include metal prices at the time of appraisal.

In conclusion, your jewelry can be appraised following this process for its true value.

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