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Should Children Be Allowed To Wear Makeup At School?

March 31, 2021
The debate over whether children should wear makeup at school or not is rife. So, what are the key debate points? Take a look… Wearing makeup to school is a much-contended subject. For many young girls and boys, wearing makeup is a key part of being a teenager discovering themselves. However,...

How To Properly Apply Concealer

March 23, 2021
Concealer is a makeup staple for every sort of makeup look. Whether you are someone who prefers natural or dewy makeup or someone who adores a dramatic look, concealer is the foundational product. From dark under eyes to a blemish here and there, your concealer is your best friend.  Some...

Trends for Making Up a Face Nowadays

December 8, 2020
What is the real image of wearing garments, to cover your substance, secure your mass however there could be another explanation that they cover their body; as from ecological difficulties as in winter season they need to cover their body to get warmth, and use attire as warm protection, Fabrics...

Nighttime skincare tips

May 10, 2020
Nighttime skincare routine is one of the toughest decisions one can ever make for healthy and perfect skin. For skin care you need a committed personality. If you are a working woman, then obviously a little bit of makeup for keeping up with the workaholic and current environment, is necessary....

Pros And Cons Of Using Mineral Makeup

October 7, 2019
An increasing number of people are opting for healthier, greener, and more natural options when it comes to beauty products. This growing interest in more ethical alternatives has provided an opportunity for green companies to penetrate the market with new products that are better for people and the environment. Having...