Five Steps To Halo Eyes

July 27, 2021

One of the great things about the beauty world is the creativity it brings to people all over the world. When we look at YouTube and on Instagram we are bombarded with content from creators who enjoy fashion, accessories, hair, and makeup. 

If you are looking for a new eye look to perfectly compliment your helix earrings and new hairdo this week, we want to introduce you to halo eyes. Halo eye makeup consists of darker colors in the corners of the eye, and a bright color in the middle. It is like a smokey eye with an extra bit of oomph and can instantly transform your look for the better. 

Today we want to share the five steps you need to take to achieve this eye look today:

Prime Your Lids 

The first step to achieving an eye look of any kind is priming the eyes with a primer. Primer is a step that you should not miss out on for bolder colored looks because it will allow you to build up colors and make it look brighter and more intense. A simple eye primer is inexpensive and it will prepare your lids for the product you’ll be applying later on. 

Apply Concealer 

The next step is to apply a light concealer to your eyes to get them ready for powder products. The reason you add a concealer on top of the primer is firstly to give you an evenly coloured base for your eyeshadow, but also to act like a glue to reduce fallout and make sure that as much pigment as possible transfers to your eyes. 

Choose A Dark Shade For The Sides

Now it is time to choose your dark shade for the perimeter of the eyes. A darker shade such as black or a neutral brown is a great choice here and it will allow you to choose pretty much any color for the middle of your eyes. When applying the darker shades, make sure to leave the middle mostly untouched and this will allow you to add a lighter color in the middle without it being dulled. 

Go Bold In The Middle 

The middle of your eyes can go one of two ways: you can either go fully bold with a bright color like blue, yellow, or green or you can consider something more like a copper, silver, or white for the middle. This will depend on the event as well as the outfit you are planning to wear. A classic combination that will always win is dark brown at the edges with copper in the middle of the eye. 

Add Some Sparkle 

Now is the time you can decide to finish off your look with a little shimmer or glitter. A stunning shimmer can make your halo eye look so much more elegant and magical and will be a great way for you to add fun to the look. 

Try these steps and enjoy having a stunning halo eye colour that wil wow at any event. 

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