Four Reasons Why Canada Is An Excellent Choice For Expats

July 27, 2021

Moving to a new country is a big step and can be an overwhelming experience and moving to Canada is no different. Finding out whether you are eligible or not is essential; however, it is equally vital to do your homework on what life in Canada would look like for you. There are many unique advantages of living in Canada, including several lucrative job opportunities, free secondary education, and healthcare. 

As an expat, one of the most critical questions that come to mind is everyday life as good as it seems? Canada is undoubtedly one of the most favored expat countries globally and is an excellent choice for expats. Here are five reasons why that statement is true. 

Quality Of Life

It is no secret that Canada is one of the best choices for expats and having a high quality of life is one of the reasons this is true. Three of Canada’s cities are rated in the top ten most livable cities in the world. Canada has many qualities that draw many expats, including a low unemployment rate and lucrative job opportunities; it is one of the safest countries globally, offers free secondary education, and free universal healthcare to all its citizens and permanent residents. The housing and accommodation system is excellent for short-term and long-term, apartments for rent Mississauga are a great example. For these reasons and more, it is no surprise why Canada is a perfect choice. 

Liberal Country 

Canada is known to be one of the most liberal countries globally, and the reelection of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2019, who is the leader of the Liberal Party in Canada, proves this to be true. The greater community of Canada is also known for its warm and welcoming culture. Part of what makes Canada great is tolerance and diversity. 

Canada has a wide range of different religions, and Christianity is the largest, making over two-thirds of the population; over 2.4 million Canadians are Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim. However, more than a quarter of the people do not associate with many religions. Ultimately, living in Canada means you have the freedom to live your life without discrimination or prejudice. 

Supportive Community 

With all the supportive measures and systems the country has in place, the Canadian community is just as supportive and welcoming towards foreigners. The Newcomers Support Program was developed by Canada for Me Immigration Office to help newcomers prepare for their new life in Canada. They are providing newcomers with information on pre-landing, post-landing, insurance services, and financial assistance. Some expats move with their families, and there are a few resources to help them settle into life in Canada. 

Family Life

Canada is a great country for those with families to raise, with a low crime rate, a fantastic healthcare system, and a world-renowned public education incubation for your children. Canada is naturally a beautiful place to live, with many open spaces and outdoor facilities to enjoy with the kids. One of the best cities to relocate with family are Manitoba, Alberta, Toronto, Vancouver, St John’s, Ottawa, and Oakville, to mention a few.  

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