Five Major Factors Affecting Your Cost Of Moving

July 27, 2021

To most people, every time it is time to move, stress kicks in; decluttering, finding and disposing of packing materials, packing and unpacking, installing and uninstalling appliances, assembling and reassembling things, seeking storage service, and a moving company, and more. The to-do list just seems never-ending.

And, if you are not well organized, it could end up being more expensive than you anticipated. Finding a Raleigh moving company is not a hard task. The only hard task is finding one that suits your requirements and your budget. Here are some contributing factors affecting your cost of moving:


The distance is one of the obvious reasons for the amount of money you will spend while moving. In simple terms, the longer the distance you are moving to, the more money you will spend. This will also be determined by other factors like the number of belongings you have and the time taken to complete the whole process. You will also need to determine the cost to ship cars, if you plan on bringing your vehicle with you.

You also have to keep in mind that distance will also determine the type of moving company you hire. Local moving companies or rather short-distance movers are those you will hire when you are moving next door, at least nothing more than 100 miles. Anything longer than that, you will need to hire long-distance movers.


The number of services you require from movers will also contribute to how much you spend. The more services you request the higher your cost. In most cases, most people prefer to do some of the tasks themselves. This includes packing and unpacking and loading the truck.

However, if you decide to get professional packing services, movers to install and uninstall your appliances, storage services, and many other extras, they are all going to add to your end expense. It all just comes down to your budget and requirements.

Type of Moving Company

As mentioned above, there are multiple types of moving companies all of which offer multiple different services. Long-distance and short-distance movers are two of the most common types. As the name suggests, they offer services for long and short distance moving respectively.

There are also specialty movers who offer specialty services. That is, you have special values that need special care, like moving a bathtub. There are also full-service movers who would do every task involved in the moving. Commercial movers are those that help businesses and offices move. All of these come with different prices and costs.

Additional Services

Most people like to ask their close families and close friends for a helping hand to assist with some tasks when moving. This includes removing clutter and disposing of them, packing and unpacking, disassembling and uninstalling furniture and appliances, and other tasks.

If you do this, then you only will need a truck and driver. However, requesting the above services, like professional packing and unpacking, and storage services will add to your cost. This is because the moving company will provide you with extra materials, spend extra time, and maybe even add laborers.

Volume of Goods

The amount and type of goods and belongings you have will determine the amount of money you spend in the whole moving process. If you have special valuables you might need to seek specialty moving services, which will cost more. More belongings also mean spending more money.

This is because the amount of time for packing will be more, the type of packing materials may also differ, and the number of movers you are provided with may also be more. That is why decluttering is important to avoid carrying extras and therefore paying extra fees for all these extra services. 

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