What Does Home Insurance Cover?

October 8, 2021

Making a happy home for you, your family, and your dog takes a lot of work and patience. There are many things you can do to help create a happy home. One of the most important steps is to make precious memories with your family. Another step is to protect your house. One of the ways you do that is to make sure it is covered under homeowners insurance.

Home insurance is a type of insurance that usually covers private property. It can be confusing. What does homeowners insurance actually cover? Is there even such a thing as dog-friendly homeowners insurance?

Let us look at what home insurance covers, how to get the cheapest insurance rate, and how to ensure that your home insurance is dog-friendly. 

What Home Insurance Covers

Home insurance covers several damages. Below, we will look at the three major types of damage covered by home insurance and detail each one. 

  • Fire and Smoke Damage

Damage caused by fire is covered by home insurance. Your coverage includes rebuilding and compensation for having to stay in another place until your house is fixed. Homeowners insurance also replaces possessions and furniture that were destroyed in the fire.

You must keep your family and your dog safe in the event of a fire. Have an escape plan in place beforehand so that you are not scrambling should a fire happen in your home.  

Home insurance also covers smoke damage. Similar to the coverage you would get for fire damage, you are covered for repairs to your home. 

Smoke damage can include smoky smells on your clothing and furniture, soot on the walls and floors, and discoloration on cabinets and countertops. 

  • Theft and Vandalism

Home insurance covers both theft and vandalism. However, there is an extent to how much coverage you will get for theft. For instance, homeowners insurance will not be enough if someone steals jewelry or an item of extreme value. You will need special coverage for those more valuable items.

Talk with your provider to see how much coverage you are eligible for in the case of theft or vandalism. 

  • Weather Damage

Lightning, hail, or wind damage is all included in weather damage coverage. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods or earthquakes. You will need specialized coverage for that.

Home insurance sometimes covers water damage, mold, and plumbing issues, but it all depends on your provider and what is in your policy.

We have looked at some things that home insurance covers, but let us briefly look at what home insurance does not cover. We already mentioned floods and earthquakes, but did you know that this type of insurance does not cover termites as well? Be mindful of infestations in your home.   

Ways To Get Cheaper Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance can be expensive, but there are ways to make it more affordable. You can do so by combining your auto and home insurance quotes together.

  • Explore Different Home Insurance Quotes

Exploring different home insurance quotes is all about smart shopping. Research and ask people you know about which provider gives the cheapest coverage. Word of mouth goes a long way. See what others are saying and decide then who you will go with for insurance. 

If you want a professional’s opinion, consult an independent broker and see if they can find you the cheapest rate.

  • Search For Discounts

Do not forget to search for discounts. There are many different kinds of price cuts you can get, depending on the provider you choose. 

For example, you can get a discount for bundling home and auto with a single provider. They love when you choose to use them for different coverages. 

You can also get a discount for having a new home, being a loyal customer, and upgrading your home. Upgrades for your home that are eligible for discounts include upgrading the electric wiring of your home and the plumbing lines.  

  • Make Your Home Secure

Did you know that property crimes happen nearly every four seconds? Because theft and vandalism are common ways that homes get damaged, it is important to make sure your home is secure and protected. 

Ensure that your home has a security system and surveillance cameras if necessary. There are many home security companies to choose from to protect your home. Do some research and see which one best suits your needs. 

Strengthening your roof and shutters from weather damage is also a great way to save on home insurance. Ask your provider or agent what other things you can do to make your home more secure. 

How To Ensure That Your Home Insurance Is Dog-Friendly

Dog-friendly home insurance can be a bit tricky to find, especially if your dog has a history of biting people or is considered a dangerous breed. Breeds that insurers consider dangerous include pit bulls and rottweilers. These are not the only dangerous breeds, but they are the more prominent breeds that cause the most trouble for dog owners. 

It is crucial that you notify your insurance provider if you have a dog and what breed they are. Not doing so can result in denial of your claim if you file about your dog. You might need to file a claim about your dog if it bites another dog or another human being, causing serious injuries.

Many unsuspecting dog owners do not understand what their dog is capable of, and, as a result, others get hurt. It is a sad truth. Always err on the side of caution when taking your dog to new places or dog parks. 

Some companies that are willing to cover dogs are AIG, USAA, and Nationwide. Check with your provider to see if you can protect your dog on your homeowners insurance.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Now that you know what home insurance covers, how to get a lower rate for it, and how to make sure that your precious dog is protected under it, the second and final step for creating a happy home is to make memories with your family. This is a crucial step in making a happy home because family means more than just insuring your house. 

Learn to have fun with them. Watch movies, go on walks with them and your dog, and play games together. Doing these things really does turn a house into a home. 

As cliche as it sounds, home is where the heart is. Make sure you invest in your home by having the proper insurance for it. Share what you have learned with others and use this knowledge to find the right provider for your needs. 

Peyton Leonard writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, InsuranceProviders.com. Peyton cares about helping others find the right coverage for their needs and helping them create a happy home for their families, including their dogs. 

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