Mobile Home Makeover Dos And Do Nots

October 8, 2021

Mobile home makeovers can turn an outdated or ugly place into somewhere you want to spend your time. Mobile home renovations are equivalent to traditional home improvements because standard homes appreciate while mobile homes depreciate over time.

So, where can you get the most bang for your buck with a mobile home? Conducting a thorough inspection before purchasing is crucial when checking out mobile homes for sale, conducting a thorough inspection before purchasing is crucial. Spending so much money on a mobile home makeover may not be prudent when you could have settled on one that meets your preference and lifestyle from scratch. Even when your pick suits you, it must be able to withstand the minor changes you may want to make. In this case, it would help to have a little background knowledge of things you can do.

We will look at the renovations you should avoid, the best projects to focus your energy on, and whether you will need to update your mobile home insurance after making improvements.

Mobile Home Improvements To Avoid

If you spend $30,000 on a new kitchen for a traditional house, you will get most of that money back when you sell your home. If you spend that much on a kitchen in a mobile home, you will only see a fraction of that investment if you sell.

With that being said, there are no projects that you must avoid; you just have to think through the investment carefully. If you plan to live in your mobile home for the rest of your life and you have the budget for a new kitchen, and you will enjoy it every day, go for it. Just don’t expect that it will increase your home’s value significantly.

Besides a major kitchen reno, here are some other intensive home improvements that probably are not the best investment in a mobile home:

  • Complete bathroom redo
  • Changing the floorplan
  • Turning a closed-concept home into an open-concept

Bathroom renovations can easily cost $10,000, and you would not get a good return on your investment. Hang on, though, because in the next section, we will talk about some budget bathroom improvements that will spruce things up without breaking the bank.

In any home, moving walls costs a lot of money, especially if those walls are supporting your home’s structure. You would have to install a beam to replace the load-bearing walls and redo the flooring so that your home does not look like you just ripped a wall out. 

Basically, when you are talking about home improvements for a mobile home, you want to avoid anything extremely costly unless it is for your enjoyment and worth the cost for that alone.

Budget-Friendly Mobile Home Renovations

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. If your wall colors are outdated or you just want a change, choose a palette you love, develop a plan to make sure it coordinates with your furniture and floors, and get painting.

Next, we will look at ideas for specific rooms in your house.

  • Kitchen Reno

If you feel like your kitchen is atrocious, try replacing your cabinet doors and handles with something fresh and modern.

Consider using pastels in your kitchen, or maybe you’d prefer neutrals. But look up a wide range of color ideas because you might be surprised how much you like a specific look that you would never have imagined on your own.

If you have a window in your kitchen, maximize the natural light by eliminating any light-blocking curtains. Instead, opt for a privacy shade so you can enjoy full sunlight or pull the shade for filtered light and privacy.

  • Bathroom Improvements

For a bathroom glow-up, start with your shower curtain. It’s pretty inexpensive to get a new shower curtain, and it will instantly change the look of your bathroom. 

Another good way to update the space is to purchase a new mirror above the sink. A framed mirror is a good idea for a small mirror replacement. You can choose from a variety of frame styles to find one that is your style.

Maybe you should replace your vanity, but if you do not have the budget for that, you can simplify and just replace your bathroom sink faucet

Consider laying laminate floor tiles directly on top of your current flooring. These tiles are made for DIY projects, and a new floor will go a long way in freshening the look of your bathroom. Because mobile home bathrooms tend to be small, the new flooring will not cost very much because you will not need a lot.

  • Living Room Refresher

Instead of replacing your current flooring, purchase a new area rug. The right rug will improve the design and coordination of your living room.

New furniture is a place where it may be worth spending a little extra money because you can bring furniture with you if you move. If you decide to go with a new area rug and new furniture, make sure it all coordinates.

For example, you may want to go with a solid gray sofa and a geometric patterned rug with gray and contrasting bright colors. Then use the rug colors to help you choose accent colors for pillows and decor.

General Improvements That Save Money

The following few home improvement ideas may cost a lot upfront, but if you live in your home for a few years, they will pay for themselves.

  • Better insulation – Insulation will help your home stay more temperate and lower your energy bills.
  • New skirting boards – These boards will help you reduce your energy bills by keeping cold and hot air from under your home. They will also help you prevent frozen pipes if you live in a cold climate.
  • Smart home features – We will examine that in-depth next, but some smart home devices will help you save money on home insurance.

Mobile Home Improvements And Insurance

Not every home improvement necessitates a call to your insurance provider to update your policy, but if you are unsure, you should call your insurer to find out.

If you decide to put in a $30,000 kitchen, you will definitely want to update your home insurance policy, because it would be devastating to lose that investment due to a disaster.

Anytime you want your insurance company to give you a higher level of coverage, you can expect that you will pay higher premiums. So, do not be surprised if coverage for a significant reno costs more money.

The good news is that some home improvements may help you get lower insurance premiums. If you install a home security system, for example, you will usually qualify for a discount. Also, many insurance companies have partnered with security providers to offer reduced purchase or installation costs on the security system.

If you get a new rug or update your wall color, you don’t need to let your insurer know. Those minor improvements will not make a difference to your policy.

Updating your mobile home can lead to years of enjoyment. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of different types of projects and choose the ones that will best serve your unique needs.

Melanie Musson writes and researches for the mobile home insurance comparison site She enjoys home improvement projects and helping others think through their ideas to develop the best plan.

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