Bathroom Sink Faucets: The Versatile Brushed Gold Finish

June 23, 2020

Some colors are so powerful that when you utter their name, they evoke quick emotions in you. For example, white reminds you of calmness, red energy or enthusiasm, black boldness, green freshness, etc. Similarly, when you think of gold, you get a sense of opulence and grace. In the older interior themes, golden hues enjoyed a special place as they lent a luxurious feel to anything they touched. However, the once-so-highly celebrated color started losing its popularity among people at large in modern times. The homeowners with evolved taste felt it doesn’t match their urban sensibilities. Thus, its use got restricted to homes with traditional or old themes.

The main reason behind such a change of heart for this color is easy to ascribe to its bright yellow tinge that refused to blend with the background. In modern themes, you look for coordination, whether you aim for a cohesive or contrasting atmosphere. That is why it became difficult for people to imagine its use in modern or contemporary designs. This wave of thought continued until the emergence of brushed gold finish. The newly introduced palette proved that gold is still luxurious and can marry any interior decoration concept too. It is just that you have to decide how you wish to see it.

Of the various elements, bathroom faucets in brushed gold became the highlight. When you imagine about a brushed gold bathroom faucet, you no longer mean a traditional theme. You try to play with it to create either a modern or transitional feel.

The benefits of using a brushed gold faucet in the bathroom

Your bathroom is your most personal space. While everything you do in your home reflects your taste, the choices that you make for your relaxing room demonstrate your personality. In the matter of this corner of your home, you don’t like to compromise with anything. If you enjoy a wealthy atmosphere, you would want to equip it with everything that radiates this. Hence, if you select a brushed gold finish, you know why you opted for it in the form of a faucet. Well, you need to access a tap multiple times of the day for all small and big things. Your dependency on it is higher. Since it is frequently used, you would like to have it in the most desired shape and form.

Going by this, if you believe in luxurious appeal, you would want to achieve it in your bathroom through this feature for sure due to a variety of reasons. Whether you have a budget or not, you trust your self-reliant faucet to achieve it. Even if you go for an extensive makeover, you still know that it will be the first thing to notice. From this, you can guess why you may also want to choose it. Here is a glimpse of a few benefits that you can expect from this type of plumbing fixture. Let us explore them quickly.

The ability to mix and match

Where shiny gold surfaces lacked, the brushed gold finish has stepped in to fill up the gap. Not everyone likes to indulge in too bold objects because these have to be handled differently. But brushed gold faucet draws a line between bright and wholly muted. It brings harmony and balance in the surroundings. Because it can be a good accent with most of the color schemes, you can paint your bathroom in anything and add it to break its monopoly elegantly and effectively. From minty green to gray to blue, you can go as far with your imagination as you desire. In the end, you know there is your brushed gold faucet to introduce the real twist.

Just make sure that you add golden touches in other shapes and forms also to bask in the golden vibes. For instance, the drawer knobs and handles can be brushed gold and also the light above it.

An easy to maintain choice

Any frequently-used item will wear and tear soon. When it deals with water, the chances of suffering from corrosion can be higher. However, some branded stores are careful of this and offer anti-corrosion finish to help you enjoy your choice for long. It means you will not need to bother about it getting tarnished or losing the original appeal. Another thing is, golden colors do not turn dirty so quickly. Even if they catch dirt and grime, you can clean the surface with a gentle soapy solution and a soft wipe. Once it is spot-free, you can move a dry towel over it.

The use of advanced features

Whether your bathroom has a modern, traditional, or transitional flair, you can choose a brushed gold faucet to revive the effect without compromising your contemporary habits. Hence, it is better to dig out models that combine modern needs with the royal charm. For this, you can focus on various characteristics, such as aerators, ceramic cartridge, etc. Aerators take care of splashing, while cartridge valve gives a leak-free experience.

These are some of the main advantages of getting a modern brushed gold faucet for your bathroom. If you never thought you could achieve so many things with this single fixture, then start paying attention now. The more you study about it, the more you can feel confident about your decision. In this context, it can be useful to know that brushed gold taps can come with a single handle. If you have been using this design only or are comfortable with anything, you would not need to bother. These faucet styles offer temperature and water flow control through one lever.

The rising popularity of brushed gold bathroom taps has led to their widespread availability. You can find them in any store. But the challenge is that while they can guarantee attractive looks, they cannot give assurance for their long-lastingness and performance. To avoid such unwanted events, it is ideal to repose faith in reliable stores only. Since golden faucets tend to be premium choices, you need to safeguard your investment by buying an authentic material.

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