Enjoy Your Holiday Using the Best House and Pet Sitter Services

January 3, 2018

If you have planned to go on holiday with your family, you may have some reservations regarding the safety of your home. Furthermore, you may have pets that you do not plan on taking with you on your trip. When looking for an excellent House sitter in Melbourne, it is imperative that you make some considerations.


You do not need to hire an expensive contractor to look after your garden while you are away. With a house sitter, you can include the cost that you pay them for taking care of your lawn as well as your assets within the house. Therefore, discuss the services that your house sitter wishes to offer while house sitting. This will ensure that you come up with an overall cost that includes all the services you need.

Range of services

It is important to consider what range of services the house sitter offers. Avoid house sitters who just pop in once in a while and are never at your home full time while you are away. A house sitter should do just that; provide full-time services which means staying in your home the whole time while you are away and providing day-to-day services that keep your home functional.

They may include:

  • Keeping your house clean – This should include inside your home as well as the compound
  • Ensuring that your utility bills are paid at the right time
  • Ensure that anything that needs fixing is catered –You can give your house sitter contacts to your local handyman
  • Taking out any garbage and ensuring it is collected promptly by your local garbage collection company
  • Take care of your pet while you are away on holiday or a business trip
  • Clean your pool
  • Collect your mail

Duration the house sitter provides their services

In case you are a business person who is often away from home, it is always good to have a reliable House sitter in Melbourne. You will not need to look for a new house sitter every time or contact them last minute. In such a scenario, stick with a person who is will always be available when you are away on business.

Furthermore, you can also use a company that provides you with house sitting services whenever you require them. When you sign up with a reputable house sitting company, you can ask for a house sitter any time you are away from your home. It is also reliable as a company will ensure that their house sitters are professional and provide you with all the services that you need.


Regardless of whether you are using a house sitting company or an individual referred to you, ensure that reliability is guaranteed. In case you are not sure of what company to use, you can seek referrals from friends and family who have used a specific home sitting company. Furthermore, you can get a reliable family friend or relative. Primarily, ensure that the referred company or individual provides the services that you need.

Finally, take stock of all your assets inside and outside your home before you go on holiday. This should be checked upon arrival to ensure that the house sitter did not steal any home assets.

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