Clear span architectural design works wonders for temporary storage buildings

January 3, 2018

When you are in need of expansion of space for your business that requires plenty of free space for uninterrupted movement, then you should think of temporary tent structures. The tent structures create space without any pillars or posts interfering in between.  This is perfect for accessing the entire space under the roof without having to leave room for walls, partitions, pillars, posts, etc.  To envisage how the unused space would look like just think about covering a playground from all sides and providing a roof above. The tent structure has a technical name, clear span architectural design and it comes with a host of benefits. What these benefits are and how the architecture differs from other buildings would become clear on reading this article.

The architecture of clear span buildings also called truss arch, or free span is different in the internal architecture of other structures in that there is no interior supports whatsoever – no beams, no posts, and no columns.  Lightweight aluminum or rust-free galvanized steel is used for making the frames that run from the ground to the peak of the arches, leaving the space entirely free for use without any hindrance.

Total floor space is usable

The unique advantage of the tent structure or temporary building structure is that since there are no structures erected in between the exterior walls, you can make full use of the space encapsulated by the structure. Since space is always at a premium, being able to use the maximum available space gives a better return on the investment. You can make complete use of the horizontal space without having to sacrifice anything, and you can use it for storing goods, equipment or in any other manner that the business demands. Since there are no ceiling crossbeams, the vertical space is also available for use up to the height of the roof. You can easily accommodate dump trucks or backhoes inside the structure by taking advantage of the vertical space available.

Reduces operational costs

As you have much more space for storage and operations, the tent structure helps to reduce operating costs. You have more space than would be available from the same size of building constructed in the traditional manner it means that you spend less for availing the space that would have required a larger building size.  Moving assets into the building are safe as it is easy to maneuver equipment across the large open floor safely. The possibilities of better safety and saving costs get increased.

Durable buildings

Special engineering techniques ensure more durability, higher resilience, and longevity of the buildings. Even without the need of internal supports like crossbeams and columns.  Although you might use the structure for temporary needs, you can keep reusing, as it would last long enough to provide better returns on your investment.

The tent structures are engineering marvels because it ensures that the structures are safe and strong enough to withstand the weather conditions without the need for too much maintenance.

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