Traveling To Switzerland For Cannabis?

March 5, 2021

Switzerland is one of the places where cannabis has been legalized. As part of the legalization, and according to Switzerland law, Swiss CBD and Cannabis should contain no more than one percent of THC. THC is the ingredient in Cannabis that will get you “high”. Any Cannabis or CBD product with 1% or less THC content will not cause any psychoactive effects. There are many ways of using CBD products like oils or buds. You can digest them, smoke, or vape them and you even get capsules and teas.

How Much CBD And Hemp Can You Legally Carry

There is no penalty for possessing small amounts of Swiss Cannabis: 10 grams or less constitutes a negligible quantity. Yet, any person who willfully consumes it without authorization or any person who commits an offense in terms of Article 19 for his or her own consumption is liable to a fine”. Should you get caught with Swiss Cannabis or hash with over 1% THC, this results in a simplified procedure. You will be fined a fixed penalty of a CHF 100.- and the Cannabis product will be confiscated. 

Cannabis As A Medical Alternative

You probably have come across a lot of literature indicating how helpful CBD is in treating various conditions such as headaches, chronic pains, anxiety, and other conditions. For people with prescription drugs, there will of course be no penalty.

Do Not Use It While Driving

Road safety is one of the key areas that the government of Switzerland keeps on emphasizing on. If you consume cannabis or its related products and still drive, that would be considered an offense. Use it at your workplace or home so that you do not pose danger to people on the road.

Although the THC levels are low, some people tend to consume a lot of cannabis until the THC in the blood reaches the threshold for one to get drunk and not function properly. Driving under the influence is a serious offense so make sure you do not use cannabis while driving.


Switzerland is one of the places where using cannabis is legal. This does not mean that you can smoke or vape it anywhere you want. Some conditions must be met for one to be allowed to freely use cannabis and its related products. Children who are not yet 18 years should not use the product unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Those found selling cannabis to children will be arrested and charged. 

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