Top Reasons for Breeding Dubia Roaches If You Have a Pet Reptile

March 6, 2021

Many families across the globe own reptiles as pets because of their immense diversity in terms of external appearance, eating habits, and other unique characteristics. Although reptiles tend to eat different insects and mollusks, none of them provides overall nutrition and required nutrients to your pets. This understanding was true until Dubia roaches came into the picture.

Many reptile owners prefer breeding Dubia roaches because of the benefits they offer at affordable rates. Moreover, these roaches are easy to breed with minimal mess at your home. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these insects are gaining popularity among reptile owners.

Here are some of the most typical reasons for breeding Dubia roaches if you own a pet reptile – 

Excellent Nutrition Provided

Experts suggest that in terms of nutritional content, Dubia roaches top the list. These insects are packed with high-nutrient content and have a minimum negative impact on your pet reptile. These roaches are relatively high in proteins, calcium, and minerals while having lower fat and chitin quantities.

These specific roaches also have high meat vs shell content with lesser water content in terms of comparison. Reptiles usually require 10-12 crickets a day to fulfill their nutritional requirements. However, 2-3 roaches are enough to compensate and provide the same kind of nutrition as crickets.

There is a common practice of feeding gut-loaded or properly-fed Dubia roaches to domesticated reptiles. A Dubia roach has a very long digestive tract and can derive nutrition from readily available food items like decaying wood, rotting leaves, and other detritus sources. They may also choose to feed on fruits and vegetables. Hence, availing of gut-loaded roaches is not difficult. By following proper breeding practices, you can easily provide your beloved reptile with adequate nutrition.

Husbandry Benefits

Dubia roaches not only fulfill your reptile’s nutritional requirements but also provide you with certain husbandry advantages. Unlike popular understanding, Dubia roaches are not pests. They are relatively clean, social insects, not posing any significant threat to people or property.

In simple terms, unlike unwanted pests and mites, these roaches are unproblematic and remarkably clean. Along with extreme cleanliness, these insects and their enclosures do not emit a foul smell. Lack of bad odor is another rare characteristic of these roaches, making them a favorite of many reptile-owners out there.

Noiseless Feeders

Dubia roaches also do not emit any disturbing or obnoxious sounds. Their breeding rate is considerably high, with many females producing 35 nymphs every month. However, their fertility rate is dependent on their health and habitat. Hence, you must follow exemplary breeding practices and hygiene to have substantial quantities of Dubia roaches for your pet.

Reptiles are diverse, intriguing, and vivid creatures to have, which show remarkable variation in appearance, eating habits, nutritional requirements, etc. While most domesticated reptiles can feed on common insects and mollusks, Dubia roaches are a different ballgame but in a beneficial way.

These roaches are easy to maintain, appreciably clean, have high nutrient content, and do not produce a foul odor. In other words, Dubia roach is indeed a reptile owner’s best friend.




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