Make Your Weekends More Enjoyable With These Activities

March 6, 2021

2020 and 2021 turned out to be years in which you had to be more practical and not blindly follow your heart. If you are someone who gets bitten by the travel bug frequently, you had to rein in your desires and look for other enjoyable activities that did not involve being outside. Since you resumed working and studying, you feel like you are busier than ever, and you look forward to the weekends when you can put aside your responsibilities. 

But on weekends, you usually watch a few movies, a new Netflix show, get your meals delivered and basically stay on your couch all day long. This routine can get incredibly dull and monotonous, and have you feeling less excited about getting through the week. Here are some alternative activities you can engage in during your weekends. 

Play Minecraft

One of the best things about this legendary game is that there are no limits to what you can do in it. You can build magnificent structures, automated machines and farms, fight against hostile mobs, or properly go through the whole game and beat the Ender Dragon. Basically, you can spend many relaxing hours doing things at your own pace or speedrun the entire game, searching for resources. 

You can also set up a server, send the address to your friends and play with them in the same Minecraft world. Here, you can coordinate building processes, hold PvP matches and basically do anything you want with your friends. Minecraft is certainly a good choice even if you are inexperienced when it comes to video games and are looking for a game that can provide you with endless possibilities. 

Have A Casino Night

Going to your favorite casino is no longer a safe option, but if you miss gambling, there are many online casinos you can make use of. Grab your laptop, some snacks and your favorite drinks, turn on some casino music and enter a well-reputed online casino. If you would like to know more about online slot machine websites, check out this page written by Mike at If your roommates and family members are also interested in gambling online, ask them to enter an online casino or a live dealer game so you can all have some fun together. 

An Outdoor Movie Session

Netflix and other streaming sites have become essentials during the past few months. Though theaters have reopened, the whole movie watching experience has completely changed. It is much easier and safer to snuggle on your couch while watching the newest movie on your TV. Spice things up a bit by moving your viewing location to your backyard. Hang a plain white sheet on a clothesline or a tightly tied string. Position your projector so that the video falls properly on your new makeshift screen. Hang up a few fairy lights all around, and decorate with any objects you deem appropriate. You could either place chairs or a rug and cushions for the seating arrangements. Choose whichever you would find most comfortable, grab your favorite snacks and turn on the projector. Keep your smartphones away for a lovely and safe night outside. 

Have A Family Barbecue

Barbecues are often considered part of gatherings, but who says you cannot whip out the old grill just for your close family? Get an assortment of meats and fresh veggies, and since there is no big crowd, you can get everyone’s favorites. Involve all the family members in the process, hold a few lighthearted competitions, share stories and jokes. Towards the end, you will all be rewarded with some delicious dinner.

Go Hiking

Use one of your weekends to climb up a picturesque hill a few miles away. Pack enough water, snacks and protective equipment such as masks. Try to find paths that are less frequented by other hikers. Once you have reached the top, find a secluded corner where you can spread out a rug and have a small picnic. A hike would be excellent for your health and also a great way to bond with your family or friends. Since your hiking location is close to your home, you would not need too much preparation to get started. Instead of sleeping in on a Saturday morning, wake everyone up early, have a nutritious breakfast and get started on the hike. Remember to bring all the necessary hiking gear. 

You could turn this little hiking trip into a monthly tradition you take part in with your family. The hike could also serve as a much-needed social media detox session once you ask everyone to leave their phones at home. 

Summing Up

Your much-awaited weekends do not have to be repetitive and dreary. Though it is hard to find the motivation to plan out your weekend after a week’s hard work, it can certainly positively impact your life. The activities mentioned above are easy to set up and can be enjoyed with your loved ones. 

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