Some essential facts about getting high on weed

March 8, 2021

The duration of high experience from weed varies from individual to individual. Like the atmosphere, dosage, tolerance of the drug, various factors determine the high. Weed is a general term for items derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. The use of the item above a level creates a high feeling. The two most widespread cannabinoids available in the market are CBD and THC. The high will depend on the dosage and composition of these compounds in the item. THC creates a psychoactive effect, while CBD creates a relaxing effect. Keep reading the article for learning more about the duration of high. You may use cannabis products for recreational or medical purposes.


The factors which affect the duration of high


Several factors affect the duration of feeling high, which encompasses the strain or type of weed, the consumption method, whether taken through edibles or smoke and taking other drugs like alcohol. In addition to this, your characteristics like tolerance and metabolism also play a crucial role here. Hence, look into the following points in critical details might be of help:


  • The strain of weed: Whether the cannabis plant contains seeds and whether it is a female or male has a lot to do with how high you feel. The feeling it induces depends on the CBD and THC content. If you are using hashish and sinsemilla, It is a dominant variant of weed. It contains a high THC level which thereby creates an energizing effect. Cannabis which has increasing contents of THC, can make you feel high for a longer duration.


  • The inhalation strategy: The widespread methods people use with weed are inhaling vapor, smoking, and consuming edibles. The technique of consumption affects the duration and potent effects. When the THC reaches the bloodstream, the absorption of the compound happens quickly. It triggers mind-altering elements. Various individuals smoke weed with tobacco as the high lasts for a longer duration. Cannabis vapes, on the other hand, triggers a lesser extent of high in comparison to smoking. Cannabis edibles, on the other hand, like cookies and brownies, make an effect after thirty to sixty minutes of consumption. You might purchase good quality online weedfor your benefit.


  • Metabolism: Your body has a lot to do with the effect of cannabis. The metabolic rate determines the impact of cannabis on your system. When you have a high metabolic rate, it will process the cannabis quickly. Thereby, THC reaches the bloodstream; however, the duration is not that long.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol use and cannabis often go side by side. When used together, they can strengthen each other. Drinking alcohol alongside cannabis creates a long-lasting effect. However, individuals who are new to cannabis must use it in low proportion.


In addition to this, tolerance has a lot to do with your experience with cannabis. When smoking cannabis, try to keep away from other substances. Edibles produce the minimum effect. Hence, start with a low dosage and eventually increase it with time. Weed triggers anxiety and paranoia. Accordingly, if you feel uncomfortable with the effect, stop it there and then. You can take a cold shower or bath to increase your alertness and reduce the high. The method which you use determines the duration of high. Hence, consuming edibles is a safer option.

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