Boating Holidays Onboard Nicol’s Yacht

March 5, 2021

Whether you are a group or family of experienced sailors or are new to boating with no experience, you can still enjoy a self-drive boating holidays in the most beautiful regions of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, or Portugal with Nicol’s Yacht that everyone will enjoy. Enjoy the pleasure and thrill that comes with navigating and steering the boat at your leisure as you take time to observe and take in your surroundings.

Nicol’s was founded in the year 1986 by the Nadia group, specializing in the production and hire of canal boats. With over 35 years of experience, Nicol’s Yacht boats are 100% made in France and are renowned for their high-quality, elegantly designed, spacious, and airy cruisers with maximum safety that are suited to families and a variety of customer demands. 

Nicol’s, The Waterways Boating Holiday Leaders

Nicol’s expertise in designing waterway boats with the needs of holidaymakers in mind has made them an industry leader when it comes to boating holidays. With 27 boat models that come in 4 distinct ranges, Nicol’s Yacht boats are designed with families in mind, from those with young children to those with senior citizens. This sees that comfort, and ease of use and safety are prioritized in designing the boats.

  • Comfort and ease of use: The canal boats are designed with a flat bottom, not the V-shape as is common with sea boats, optimizing its interior layout, and offering enough room as is found on a motorhome. The boat has bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, living spaces, bathrooms, an outdoor terrace, and a double steering position.
  • Safety: Nicols boats are made to allow for easy access and maneuverability, with the terraces and the indoor living spaces being on the same level. The double chain railings and handrails on the boats facilitate movement while also lowering the risk of falling. This makes Nicol’s brand of boats a preference for families especially those with young children.

Why Should You Consider Taking A Boating Holiday With Nicol’s?

  • You do not require to have any previous boating experience or license for you to be eligible to rent Nicol’s canal boats to explore the inland waterways of Europe.
  • Nicols offers detailed waterway guides so you do not miss a thing as you cruise through exceptional landscapes, historic towns, and villages for a memorable boat holiday, even as a first-timer.
  • Nicol’s boats are spacious, stylish, well equipped, and maintained to comfortably accommodate crews ranging from 2-12 people. They even come with an exclusive heated swimming pool, barbecue, and other extras!
  • You can organize your boat journey to run at your own pace, offering you the flexibility to choose between a one-way cruise or a return cruise.
  • Nicol’s offers a simple, safe, and secure online booking system. You only need to choose your boating holiday destination, select your boat as per the number of crew members, choose your departure date and holiday duration, and you are good to go. You will have a week’s allowance to confirm your reservation and pay the deposit.
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