Bio Lab Exotique ‘Clear Skin’ my super honest review

May 6, 2020

Hi guys as you know i have always had a little bit of stubborn acne , and if you can relate you can also relate to waking up in the morning , taking that first look in the mirror while brushing your teeth and noticing a massive painful zit , god forbid its on the neck or chest , as those ones take literally forever to clear out. If i told you how much money i have spent on the anti spot products , the only thing i personally havent tried is laser , and of course i am keeping this as my super last resort , and not really wanting to spend thousands . So let me tell you that so far every product that promises  to combat acne is either giving me chemical burns , you know when you wash it off and the spot is still there but now its extra red ? Yep this is it. Or products that dont do even that or leave my skin so dry it becomes itchy. Then i start moisturising it and the spots come back. Never ending circle . 

I have heard about the organic brand Bio Lab Exotique that was launched by the Pepsi Co heir Asghar Akhtar Khan and the glamorous Ollia Tzarina for a while now , so when we managed to get their pr department to send us their ‘Clear Skin’ product that was the beginning of my new skin ! ‘Clear Skin’ is quite genius really, the brand hasnt invented anything new they have just put ingredients that have been known to work for a century into one formula . Zinc and chamomile powders . Just two of these . When you open a bottle there are capsules that you mix with a drop of hot water , rub the powder onto your spot and go to bed . You will wake up with much smaller pimples , and calmer skin- guaranteed !!! This is nothing new really, if you do a research on zinc, its a well known fact just nobody has ever used it in skincare.

Bio Lab Exotique is manufactured in Morocco on the brand’s farms somewhere in Atlas Mountains , and formulated in a high tech lab . The brand’s uniqueness comes from the fact it adds absolutely no chemicals , nothing! Just rare facial oils that they cold press , mix and formulate and release onto the market. Lovely, yummy , organic , and effective . I am sold!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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