Moving Advice For Those With Very Large Families

December 30, 2021

If you are the ‘creator’ of a very large family, congratulations! That is a big achievement even if you do not get credit for it. That said, it can sometimes be inconvenient to have so many people living at home. If you have ever needed to head somewhere, such as a family event, or a school recital, or a sports day, it may feel as though gathering ‘the troops,’ as it were, is akin to launching a military operation in terms of its logistical complexity.

Those with very large families can also find difficulty at a time most sensitive for most people — that is, when moving house. Not only are you likely to have a much larger house containing with many more possessions you need to move, but making sure everything is packed appropriately, that everyone makes it on time, and that your plans for the new home are set up before you move in is essential.

Thankfully, we hope to explore that effort in this guide, giving you the chance to move with confidence. Before long, you will be set up anew, ready to continue your new adventure for good.

Consider When And How You Will Travel

The last thing you need is a Home Alone situation on your hands. It is important to assess exactly how and when you are going to travel, and to what degree you manage that in stages. Large families may need two or more cars to travel to a new destination while booking flights in advance might be the most appropriate option to get there.

Keep in mind that you may need to travel using breaks to ensure everyone feels comfortable on the way there — perhaps even staying over in a hotel as you move from one property to the other. Just make sure that you have someone waiting for the removalist service at the other side, so that unpacking of the vital belongings can take place as soon as they arrive. Alternatively, arranging space in self-storage units can help you transfer some of your possessions to a safer space for now.

Use Larger Storage Options

Odds are, a larger family owns more ‘things’ than a regular-sized family or couple moving, and so it may be that using moving container rental is much easier than simply using one simple removalist truck. This can also be utilized well if moving abroad, as alternative methods of transport can be used in that regard. 

In addition, it may be worth investing in top boxes for the luggage and suitcases you may otherwise have to stuff your vehicle with, as well as trailers that you can haul along with you. Just remember, however, that bringing along your own possessions will often mean that they are not as uninsured in transit as they will be via using a removalist service, and so a worthwhile balance can be the best option here.

Make Sure All Home Utilities Are Prepared

Of course, having more people in your family means that you need to make sure the house you are moving into is as well-prepared as possible. Ensuring that the electricity and water are on, the internet connection is being installed shortly after moving in, that the heating is functioning well, and that the house is secure is all important, because not only will it be inconvenient if any of these considerations are missing, but you are sure to hear about it from more of your children than other families might.

This is especially important if you have infants or the elderly relatives coming with you, because they have more sensitive needs than others. Having one or two people head to the new home and ensure that some of these utilities are put in place ahead of time, and arranging those contracts as necessary, can certainly save you a big headache otherwise.

Certainly, we’d also recommend looking back and making sure the utilities of your old house are closed off (such as cutting off the water to your home using the valve) that the contracts are nullified, and the fuse box is off for the next owner to come and attend to. 

Check Every Window And Door

With so many family members, the odds that one power outlet is not switched off, that one window is not open, that all doorways are closed is exceedingly low. Making sure that this is all taken care by committing to a thorough once-over of the property can be key in aiding your state of mind, helping you move into the future with clarity.

The aforementioned efforts such as switching the fuse box off and shutting down your boiler will ensure that the larger implements are attended to, but it’s best to check every room just in case, just to make sure your house is in the best condition, that draughts and damp is unlikely when the new owner comes to visit.

Pre-Assign New Rooms And Storage Spaces

It is very important to have a thorough meeting with your family about exactly what rooms will be assigned to who, where storage spaces are to be utilized, and what norms are to be expected. Otherwise, this kind of approach can turn into a free-for-all where family members, especially kids, seem to think claiming rooms of the larger-than-usual house is appropropriate. All of these conversations should be taking place before hand, and that includes:

Meet The Neighbors And Get A Feel For The Area

When you are settled down, it is good to meet the neighbours and to understand the community you are in a little more intimately. Of course, larger families are always considered interesting, and so it can be worth breaking that news gently to those you live near. This way, you can understand who may be a neighbourly friend, which neighbours to generally avoid or ignore, and what the given social set-up of a private road or block may look like.

With this advice, we believe you will move a large family from one home to another with careful precision, ensuring every last measure is taken care of and all that remains is executing the plan. We wish you nothing but good luck in that approach!

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