How To Prepare Children For Moving

December 20, 2023

While there are loads of reasons that people move, and they can all be exciting and fun – children often have some trepidation about moving to a new place. New friends, a new school, leaving people and things behind, a new bedroom – it is a big shake-up for them. Children, no matter how adventurous, love and need some stability. 

Moving home is one of those times that can be really tricky if it is not handled well. And with moving already being stressful enough for parents, an unsettled child will not help matters. 

So here are some tips that can help prepare your child or children for a big move

Calm announcement 

Expect the unexpected – some children will have an instant sad or angry reaction, while others might take some time to let it sink in. One thing to avoid is if your child is angry, responding in anger will not help. It will make the situation much more difficult. So, no matter what happens – keep it cool, calm, and collected. 

Make space for the emotions, but keep your own in check. Explain the reason behind the move, and point out the positives. Be ready for questions – and try to avoid talking them out of how they feel. 


Involvement is key. Let your child help with packing boxes, decluttering, and throwing things away. If the move is a little way off, or you have not found a house yet – let them come along or browse the internet with you. While it doesn’t directly give them control, it keeps them as involved as possible. 

There is a lot of planning when it comes to moving, things like choosing a moving company like Allied Moving Services, choosing what to sell and donate, and arranging some proper goodbyes. Where you can, and when it is age-appropriate, let them help you. 

Talk, Talk, Talk

Here is where things can get tricky: younger children tend to ask a lot more questions and be more expressive, while teens can tend to shut off and withdraw from the situation. While a teen might not be talking to you, you can be pretty sure they are listening and taking everything in. 

So keep talking, even if it is a little exhaustive – after all, they might be asking questions you do not have answers to – but you can find them together. In general, it is a good idea to keep the subject at the forefront of people’s minds rather than mention it once and then never again. Good communication with children is important, especially when it does affect them too. 

Them First

When you finally make it to the new house, make sure that you set up their room first. Not only does it reaffirm how important they are to you, but having their own space first can go a long way to making it feel like home to them. It also gives them time to set their own toys and books up and rest while the rest of the house might be in chaos. 

And if your move is going to be a big one, here are the top tips for you: 7 Key Packing Tips for a Long-Distance Move | My Beautiful Adventures

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