Where To Put Unwanted Furniture When Moving House From Toronto To New York

May 8, 2024

A common story: You are going for a moving from Toronto to New York, and it turns out that you do not need some of the furniture. Maybe you decided to update the interior. Maybe the old cabinets and sofas do not fit in the new apartment. Or change the needs of family members—the children have grown out of their beds, or you went to work in the office, but a home office is now not in demand. In any case, before moving from Toronto to New York will have to decide—what to do with the furnishings that have become unnecessary. 


If the furniture is in good shape, selling it is a great option. It is environmentally friendly, will bring some income, and perhaps solve the issue of furniture removal. First, we recommend notifying family and friends that you plan to sell the dining set or bookcases. Maybe a new owner will be found at this stage. The next step is to write to the house chat, in case your neighbours are looking for a sofa or coffee table. 

To speed up the sale, properly design the ad. Start with good photos: tidy up the furniture, let maximum daylight into the room and take a few general shots. Separately photograph details—handles, decor, surface texture. Try to remove visual noise from the frame: scattered toys, papers and stationery or a T-shirt thrown over the back of a chair can look unkempt and spoil the overall impression. 

Also, think over the text of the ad: try to imagine where and to whom such furniture can be useful, and write the ad address. Be sure to specify the exact dimensions and design features and describe all the advantages. It is better to immediately indicate whether you are ready to help deliver to the new owner or count on self-delivery.

When setting the price, rely on the original cost, the degree of wear and tear, and the current market prices (look at similar ads). The principle usually works: the lower the price, the more quickly you can find a buyer.

If you do not want to do the sale yourself, you can give the furniture to a commission store. True, in some cases, you will have to pay the store commission even before the sale. Well, delivery to the store, in this case, will have to organize itself.

Dispose Of

Throwing an object into a container for household waste near the house is possible only if its dimensions do not exceed 50 cm in length, width, or height. In this way, it will be possible to dispose of only something small—compact tables, chairs, stools, or something that can be dismantled into separate parts. Remember that furniture should be placed inside the container, not left next to it.

However, you cannot dispose of a closet, armchair, or bed in this way, and you can be fined for it. 

There are also specialized companies that will remove and organize the disposal of any items, including unwanted furniture, household appliances or construction waste, for a fee. Be sure that the company has the appropriate authorization and draw up a contract—this way, you will save yourself from possible fines.

Give It Away

Ready to part with your furniture in working condition without getting paid? Start, as in the case of selling, by asking friends and informing your neighbours. You can post a zero-cost ad on classified ad aggregator sites. In addition, many charitable organizations accept clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances and furnishings. 

Some of them even organize free removal of things. Then things are sorted: they are either given to the needy, or recycled, or sold (it happens and this), and the proceeds are sent to the charitable assistance to the wards of the fund. This way, you will free space from unnecessary furniture and help those who need it.


Unwanted tables, chairs and shelving units often become the subject of country house furnishings. Well, this option is also possible. If the furniture is in working condition and suits you in appearance and functionality, there is room for it at the cottage and it will not sit idle—great. It only aims to solve the issue of moving. Toronto moving companies know how to organize moves and are always ready to help. If necessary, movers will disassemble the furniture, pack it, load it, and move it from Toronto to New York. And at the new place, movers will help to assemble and arrange according to your plan. 


If the size or technical parameters of the furniture suit you, and only the appearance is embarrassing, you can try to update it.

  • Some sofas and armchairs are equipped with removable covers, which are easy to change for new ones. In stores, you can find universal models of covers that fit most standard sofas or armchairs.
  • Or you can replace the upholstery—both independently and by turning to professionals. It is much cheaper to make a re-stretch than to buy a new sofa, for example.
  • Case furniture is easy to paint with acrylic, oil or chalk paint. If you’re afraid of failure, you can try out the paint on an inconspicuous section of the surface.
  • If you are ready for more complex creative tasks, painting is suitable—it can be artistic, spot, or stencil. Using stencils, by the way, is not difficult at all, and the result can exceed expectations.


What if, for some reason, there is no room for your furniture in your new home, but you do not want to get rid of it? Simply store it. Storage facilities are great for this. Moving companies specialize in storing furniture, appliances and personal belongings, so they know what conditions (temperature and humidity levels) are necessary to accommodate this type of property. 

Moving companies train their employees to work with furniture—to disassemble it carefully, pack it securely, and move it carefully. They guarantee the safety of your belongings and bear material responsibility under the contract. At the same time, moving companies work smoothly and quickly. In most cases, one day will be enough to completely vacate the apartment. If moving companies are not talking about all the furnishings but about individual items, a few hours will be enough. If you need help with storage—they are always happy to help, just give us a call.

So. If some furniture was out of business, does not fit into the interior of a new apartment, has become unusable, or requires updating—you know what to do with it. Choose the method that suits you and act!

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