Six Fun DIY Home Décor Projects To Try This Weekend

March 26, 2024

Feeling a little bored with your space and ready to change things up? Refreshing your home does not have to involve a whole renovation and a screaming bank balance. In fact, you can make things really fun by simply tackling some fun DIY décor projects to add something new to your space. 

Here are a few projects you can dig your teeth into this weekend to spruce up your home and work on your handy skills, too. 

DIY Wall Art 

Make a statement with your wall decor by making things personal! Using acrylic sheets to create your own designs is a fun way to be creative and produce some stunning art to put on your walls. 

Using custom plexiglass sheets will allow you to play around with different painting styles and patterns for your creations. If you are stuck, look online for some inspiration – you can try typography, geometric patterns, abstract designs, or even landscapes! You could work with oil-based markers and acrylic paints or simply apply vinyl decals to your sheets. 

Customized Picture Frames

Your acrylic wall art will look great as it is, but you could even consider framing it with a customized frame to finish the look. Even if you decide not to use the wall art idea, personalized frames can be a stunning way to display your memories or other artwork you already own. 

Visit some thrift stores to buy some old frames, or find really affordable options that you can spruce up. When you have your frames, you can use paints, fabrics, decorative paper, washi tape, or any other crafty bits you have lying around to bring your vision to life. Try out different color palettes and textures and put together a gallery wall with your own frames. 

Upcycled Planters

We all have old containers lying around that will probably never be used again – but now is their time to shine… Again! Repurposing items you already own is a great and affordable way to refresh the décor in your home. Look for old cups and teapots, mason jars, tin cans, wooden crates, and similar items, and go wild.

Paint them in bright, new colors, try your hand at decoupage, or wrap them with twine for a natural, rustic look. You can fill these with succulents or fresh flowers or even use them to plant your own little herb garden to put on the windowsill. 

Practical Bulletin Boards

bulletin board can have so many uses – an organization tool in your office, a stunning decorative feature in your living space, or a place for reminders or pinning your grocery list in the kitchen! 

Getting your hands on a simple corkboard or foam board is all it takes, and then you can let your imagination run wild. Pick a fabric that matches the overall theme or aesthetic of the room you want to put your board in, add some embellishments if you want, and frame it nicely to finish off your masterpiece. Do not forget to purchase some pins! 

Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame is a serious skill – but it is one that can easily be mastered with some patience! If you like the bohemian aesthetic, this could be a great project for you to try out this weekend.

All you need is a solid amount of macrame cord, a wooden dowel or metal ring for your hanging, a pair of scissors, and a tape measure! Another helpful tool will be the internet – you will be able to find countless patterns and tutorials online to help you figure out the perfect pattern. Once you have it down, you can even start creating your own designs. Add beads, feathers, tassels, or whatever other bits and bobs fit your boho dreams. 

Floating Shelves

Another practical yet stylish project you could work on is adding floating shelves to your home. In the bathroom, they act as a great extra storage space for your skincare, or you could put them up in the living room to display books and décor pieces. 

And this project does not even need to be hard! You can build a shelf from live edge wood, which retains the natural curves of the tree, making your space look natural and rustic. This type of wood also comes really cheap at lumberyards or woodworking stores. Give it a quick sand down and finish, and use supporting brackets to keep it securely in place on your wall. A fun and simple project that can add a whole new dimension to your room! 

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