Five Stylish Ways To Use Pastel Colors In Kitchen

February 25, 2021

If you are looking for a timeless kitchen design trend, then pastels are here to save the day. In fact, it would be an understatement to call pastels a trend, because they have been in vogue since the 50s. They are like the perfect middle way between the boring, yet relaxed neutrals and flashy, yet fun bright colors.

If done right, they lend a gorgeous country cottage vibe to your kitchen. From breezy pale blue to cotton candy soft pinks, there are countless options for you to select. Scroll down for inspiration about the ways you can add pastels to your kitchen design:

1. Cabinets

Cabinets painted in pastels with neutral-colored walls are an ideal match for a small city apartment. Cabinets painted in hues of pale green, mint green, blue, pink, and yellow will add a light and breezy mood to your kitchen. These light colors will also give the illusion of a spacious kitchen so they are a good option if your kitchen is small. 

Our suggestion is to use matte pastel colors, because they give an overall soft look to your kitchen and they are super easy to DIY. You can easily apply them to your unfinished cabinets without any professional help. Here is a “how to” guide about painting unfinished cabinets just in case you were wondering. Thank us later! 

2. Furniture

Furniture is one of the safest and commitment-free methods of bringing soft hues to your kitchen design. If you are on the fence about this whole pastel colors idea, then start by painting your dining chairs in some of your favorite colors.

Then you can either pair them with a rustic wooden table for a shabby chic look or a marble top table for an elegant and whimsical effect.

On the other hand, if you end up not digging this whole theme, you can always undo it. Just repaint the chairs with black color and voila! You are good to go.

3. Walls

Most people do not go for pastel colors in the kitchen because then the whole setting and accessory is tricky. But trust us, pastel walls can immediately up the game in your kitchen. To avoid too much of it, you can always add a neutral backsplash or a neutral wall to balance out the color. 

Use white granite/marble countertop and same colored backsplash to add a neat and minimal yet stylish look to your pastel colored kitchen

4. Appliances

The mid 20th Century witnessed a boom in the use of funky colors in interior design. Mainly because the world war had just ended and the world was enjoying a break from the gloominess of the war. From kitchen appliances painted in dreamy pastels to color-blocked cabinets, patterned flooring to colorful furniture, everything celebrated the end of war.

Well, all the flamboyance of the 50s might feel a little unusual in comparison to the contemporary designs. So, dimmed hues such as a powder blue fridge or a rose pink oven will allow you to create a softened aesthetic. Such quaint appliances will create a focal point that is both unique and stylish.

5. Utensils

Those living in tiny apartments are always struggling with storage space in their homes especially, kitchens. Hanging the pots and pans on display above the stovetop is a practical and quirky way of bringing life to an otherwise boring kitchen. The best part is that you can always undo this decision if the results are not up to your expectations.

In addition to this, open shelves are also very common in modern designs. Buy a pale colored set of tableware and place its pieces on these shelves. Decorating them with the daily-use essential keeps them accessible and avoids the dust build-up as well.

Bonus Tip: Pastels and whites are like salt and pepper, one cannot exist without the other. Neutral hues like beige or pearl white are used to offset the pop caused by the pastels. Thus, avoid being overly-enthusiastic with the colors in order to maintain the balance.

Considering the money, time, and energy it takes to remodel a kitchen, one cannot really afford to be trendy with this. Therefore, choose a color palette that you can afford to live with for years and that which makes your kitchen look stylish and timeless. Pastels are something that will never go out of fashion, as well as create a soothing environment. With pastels, you will end up with the visually appealing kitchen of your dreams.

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