30 Most Common and Useful Verbs That Start with H

July 27, 2021

Let’s discuss verbs that start with H. Why must an English learner get hold of a wide collection of verbs? The answer obviously lies in the significance of verbs. Our lives are filled with different actions and to express those actions we need to use a certain type of words. Such words are just known as verbs. In this article, a list of common verbs beginning with H will be shared with you.

Before that, let’s look at an example to usage of verbs in daily life. If you want your child to get up, wash himself, have breakfast, go to school, you must use verbs “get”, “wash”, “have”, “go” to convey your message.

Now that I believe you have got a fair idea about verbs, without further delay, let us go through this list of verbs that start with H collected from Greenopolis. You’ll find them both useful and interesting.

  1. Handle

Definition: to deal with, have responsibility for, or be in charge of

Example: If you can’t handle the job I’ll get someone else to do it.

  1. Hang

Definition: to fasten or support something at the top leaving the other parts free to move, or to be held in this way

Example: Hang your coat and hat (up) on the rack over there.

  1. Happen

Definition: (of a situation or an event) to have existence or come into existence

Example: No one knows exactly what happened but several people have been hurt.

  1. Harass

Definition: to continue to annoy or upset someone over a period of time

Example: He claimed that the police continued to harass foreign journalists.

  1. Harvest

Definition: to pick and collect crops, or to collect plants, animals, or fish to eat

Example: In the US, winter wheat is harvested in the early summer.

  1. Hate

Definition: to dislike someone or something very much

Example: She hated the cold, dark days of winter.

  1. Have

Definition: to own

Example: He has plenty of money but no style.

  1. Head

Definition: to go in a particular direction

Example: I was heading out of the room when she called me back.

  1. Heal

Definition: to make or become well again, especially after a cut or other injury

Example: The plaster cast helps to heal the broken bone.

  1. Help

Definition: to make it possible or easier for someone to do something, by doing part of the work yourself or by providing advice, money, support, etc.

Example: I wonder if you could help me – I’d like some information about flights to New Zealand.

  1. Hesitate

Definition: to pause before you do or say something, often because you are uncertain or nervous about it

Example: She hesitated slightly before answering the detective’s question.

  1. Hide

Definition: to put something or someone in a place where that thing or person cannot be seen or found, or to put yourself somewhere where you cannot be seen or found

Example: A kilo of heroin was found hidden inside the lining of the suitcase.

  1. Highlight

Definition: to attract attention to or emphasize something important

Example: The spelling mistakes in the text had been highlighted in green.

  1. Hijack

Definition: to take control of an aircraft or other vehicle during a journey, especially using violence

Example: Two men hijacked a jet travelling to Paris and demanded $125,000.

  1. Hike

Definition: to go for a long walk in the countryside

Example: I’ve got to hike back to my car to get my jacket.

  1. Hire

Definition: to pay to use something for a short period

Example: How much would it cost to hire a car for the weekend?

  1. Hit

Definition: to move your hand or an object onto the surface of something so that it touches it, usually with force

Example: This type of glass won’t shatter no matter how hard you hit it.

  1. Hold

Definition: to take and keep something in your hand or arms

Example: Can you hold the bag while I open the door?

  1. Hone

Definition: to make something perfect or completely suitable for its purpose

Example: Her debating skills were honed in the students’ union.

  1. Hope

Definition: to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might

Example: She’s hoping (that) she won’t be away too long.

  1. Horrify

Definition: to cause someone to experience shock, fear, or disgust

Example: The public was horrified by the amount of pollution in the lake.

  1. Host

Definition: to provide the space and other things necessary for a special event

Example: Which country is hosting the next Olympic Games?

  1. Hug

Definition: to hold someone close to your body with your arms, usually to show that you like, love, or value them

Example: They hugged each other when they met at the station.

  1. Hunt

Definition: to chase and try to catch and kill an animal or bird for food, sport, or profit

Example: When lion cubs are young, the mother stays with them while the father hunts for food.

  1. Hurry

Definition: to move or do things more quickly than normal or to make someone do this

Example: I hate to hurry you, but I have to leave in a few minutes.

  1. Hurt

Definition: to feel pain in a part of your body, or to injure someone or cause them pain

Example: Emma hurt her back when she fell off her horse.

  1. Hear

Definition: to receive or become conscious of a sound using your ears

Example: My grandfather is getting old and can’t hear very well.

  1. Hand

Definition: to put something from your hand into someone else’s hand

Example: Would you please hand me a pencil?

  1. Harm

Definition: to hurt someone or damage something

Example: Thankfully no one was harmed in the accident.

  1. Humiliate

Definition: to make someone feel ashamed or lose respect for himself or herself

Example: How could you humiliate me by questioning my judgment in front of everyone like that?

Thank you for reading till the end with interest on verbs that start with H. By now, you must have realized that to make one’s speeches and writings attractive and compelling, you must have a vast encyclopedia of verbs at your disposal.

The more you memorize these verbs that start with H, the more freely you’ll be able to express yourself. Now it is time for you to incorporate these verbs that begin with H in your conversations and writings. Soon, they’ll be part in your encyclopedia.

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