Burn your Belly Fat by doing Simple Rectus Abdominis Exercises

October 13, 2021

You must have seen models with their flaunting six-pack abs on TV commercials and theatres and wondered whether you could achieve such a milestone in real life or not. 

Having six-pack abs is not a bad thing, but it is not everything. However, having a flat belly has many benefits. Medical research points out that a flat belly with no extra fat can reduce your chances of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and others. Also, having a strong core can help you in many other things. 

For example, whether you want to squat heavyweights, improve your balance, or hike upstairs, you need a strong core. It is the reason you need to perform Rectus Abdominis Exercises that can lead you to a strong core and flat belly. 

Wait. I am not asking you to start exercising while reading this article. It does not work like that. It is crucial to have some information about your core before you start. 

We have mentioned rectus abdominis earlier. It is a group of muscles that you call six-pack muscles located in the front of your stomach. On the other hand, transverse abdominis are muscles that are wrapped around your stomach. There are also obliques, also known as side abs. These obliques help you to rotate. 

There are many exercise equipment available to strengthen your core such as SpineGym online. You can use such equipment to correct your posture and strengthen your muscles. 

When you want to exercise, you need to ensure that the exercises incorporate all these muscles simultaneously. Then, these exercises are the best ones to help you make a strong core. 

This post will discuss some of the rectus abdominis exercises, transverse abdominis exercise, and obliques to help you out. 

The best thing about these exercises is that they don’t require any fitness equipment such as weight machines. You can perform at your home and reap all benefits they have to offer. It will just take 10 to 20 minutes of your exercise routine. 

Stay tuned! 

Glute Bridge March

This is rectus and transverse abdominis exercise and helps to fire up two units of your abs. In addition to that, it also works your glutes, offering maximum stability. 

How to do it?

First, you need to lie on your back while bending your legs. Keep your heels under your knees and feet flat. Then, you need to extend your arms over your chest while facing your palms. Now, you need to raise your hips and form a straight line from shoulders to knees. Now, raise your right knee over your hip while maintaining a 90-degree angle. You need to hold it for at least 15 to 20 seconds and repeat the same procedure with your left leg. You have completed one rep. You can keep practicing until you are satisfied. It is advisable to perform three to five total rounds when you are a beginner. 

Mountain Climber

We all know what it is. You must have seen enthusiasts performing this exercise at a gym or in online videos. It is a good exercise for the rectus abdominis. It helps pump your heart faster and burn your core. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. 

How to do it? 

First, you need to be in the plank position. First, you need to take your right knee toward your chest, immediately return to a previous plank position, and perform the same with your left knee. It is one rep. Keep repeating the same with high intensity. If you are a beginner, you might get exhausted after 4 to 5 reps. Don’t stretch yourself. You can gradually increase the number of reps. 

Plank with Knee Tap 

This is one of the best rectus abdominis exercises and helps your core with slow movement. 

How to do it?

Similar to the mountain climber exercise, you need to be in the plank position first. Ensure that your elbows are stacked under your shoulders. Now, take your knees down slowly and with control and see that they touch the ground. Now, again, you need to return to the plank position. You have just completed one rep. You can continue for at least a minute and then rest for a few seconds and then repeat. 

Shoulder Tap And Jack

This is a transverse abdominis exercise that also affects your rectus abdominis and obliques. That’s why it is a complete core exercise. Also, it helps pump your heart, making it a perfect cardio exercise as well. 

How to do it?

Be in the plank position where your hands are stacked under your shoulder. Now, touch your right shoulder with your left hand while jumping your feet outward. Once it is done, repeat on the opposite side. It is one rep. You can complete 5 to 6 reps, rest for a while, and continue more reps. 

Leg Lower

Leg Lower also affects the rectus and transverse abdominis by engaging your abs fully. The faster movements ensure that your heart pumps faster. Also, there are minimum chances of injuries with this exercise. 

How to do it?

First, lie on your back. Keep your arms on the mat and your hands under your butt. Keep your palms down while raising your legs at a 90 degrees angle. Now, the real thing starts. Start lowering your legs slowly without lifting your back from the ground. It is one rep. You can continue with more reps until you are comfortable doing it. 


If you want to keep your core strong and flexible, these transverse and rectus abdominis exercises are crucial. They are easy to perform, and you can perform anywhere, in your home, gym, or garden. Ensure that you do it in the right and accurate manner to reap all the benefits. 

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