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June 11, 2021

Stamp collecting is a hobby that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for many years. There are many different ways to collect stamps, from traditional stamp album pages to rubber bands around the outside of your book and loose sheets in envelopes or albums like one would use for baseball cards. 

The most popular way to collect stamps is with an album because it makes organizing them much easier. However, when you buy an album, there are some things you need to know about how they work before you start filling them up with stamps. 

Why Collect Stamps? 

People have different reasons why they collect stamps. Some people may collect stamps for the challenge of acquiring them all and completing a worldwide set, while others might have an interest in history or geography. There are many random reasons why someone would start collecting stamps to add to their album, but it’s worth remembering that there is no wrong reason!

If you are collecting stamps or have inherited a massive amount, you must know how to store them properly. This will improve their value if you want an expert stamp collection appraisal to check on their worth. You can invest in the right supplies to store your stamps to keep them in the best condition possible.

How To Get Started With Your Collection

Stamps were invented in 1842 by engraver Sir Rowland Hill who devised the idea of prepaying postage for letters with various designs that could be mass printed. He called his invention “Penny Postage.” 

Since then, stamp collecting has become very popular worldwide as more countries have access to stamps from all around the globe. Today, over 20 million collectors worldwide collect due to interest or curiosity about other cultures and places they may not visit themselves. 

Stamp collecting is a popular hobby around the world. It’s also a great way to get kids interested in history, geography, and culture. But what do you need to start? We’ve put together this list of supplies that will help you on your stamp collecting journey:

  • A good quality magnifying glass 
  • Rubber stamps for beginners 
  • Several sheets of white paper (9×12) 
  • Stamp tongs
  • Album
  • Archival plastic cover or mylar sleeves
  • Acid-free glue
  • Packet of stamp hinges

To start collecting, you will need an album that is the right size for your stamps. The most common sizes are A through K and #0 to #19. If you have many really large or small stamps, it’s probably best to stick with one standard size so they can all be shuffled around in identical albums to fit in one album.

You will also need a packet of stamp hinges to put between the pages and some gummed paper if you want to include stamps with perforations.

When you go shopping for an album, make sure it has pockets at least ¾” wide on all pages. These will be where your stamps are held in place when you slide them into the album.

Now that you have everything to collect, it’s time for a little protective covering. You need some good-quality archival plastic covers or mylar sleeves, so your collection is preserved and protected from any spills or abrasions. 

To encapsulate the album, you will need a heavy board to place it on and some acid-free glue.

Keeping Your Stamps In Good Condition

Tips For keeping your stamps in good condition so they can be passed down as an heirloom one day:

Don’t lick stamps. We have all heard the stories of how your mom or grandmother had to use a stamp licking stick. But nowadays, some alternatives provide better protection for your collection. 

Keep them away from moisture and heat because they will cause stamps to curl in on themselves, exposing the adhesive made with acid and can damage paper items nearby when it gets wet. That’s why we always recommend keeping albums out of direct light and avoiding storing them near windows where humidity levels fluctuate too much.”

Always keep an album filled up so nothing can get inside. As soon as you fill one full, keep it in a safe place until you need room again.

Final Words

If you are a new collector, there’s no need for an expensive purchase of supplies at first. It might be better to start with the basics and get more as you go along or invest in higher-quality items later when it serves your needs much better than cheaper alternatives that won’t last long enough. 

The proper stamp collecting products can help preserve stamps, so they look great and stay looking good. For example, album pages protect individual sheets from damage while keeping organized collections safe from harm.

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