Unique Places to See in Toronto

June 11, 2021

As many of you already know, Toronto is famous for its diversity and many other great things, such as lively Toronto Nightclubs within the downtown, restaurants, culture, astonishing architecture, festivals, and public events. Every once in a while, people who traveled from far away come back to this city with the same euphoria as it’s their first time. It’s because Toronto has many different things to offer, and there is something for everyone.

When you are planning your travels, it’s good to know a thing or two about the places you would want to visit, and here we will try to bring closer to you the idea of these unique sites in Toronto and what you can expect to see once you are in the area.

Since there are many places worth checking out in the city, you probably already know what you would like to see when you get there. Still, we are here to help with some top-notch information, and for that reason, we’ll focus on the top unique places you need to see in Toronto.

The unique places in Toronto are:

●       ROM – Royal Ontario Museum

●       Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

●       Distillery District

●       Royal Alexandra Theatre

●       Hockey Hall of Fame


1.     ROM – Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is a spot everyone needs to check out once they come to Toronto. This prestigious museum with an international reputation has some of the most outstanding collections. The collection covers history, art, diverse culture from different times and from all around the world.

The largest museum in Canada attracts many visitors each year, and the numbers go above million people annually, making ROM one of the most-visited museums worldwide. So, it’s obvious that if you travel to Toronto and don’t visit this great museum, your trip is not complete.

Of course, it is not possible to check out all world-class collections of 13 million artworks in just one visit, but amongst 40 galleries and exhibition spaces, you can explore as many special exhibitions as you can, such as collections of dinosaurs, gems, biodiversity, and other culture’s artifacts.

2.     Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Downtown Toronto has many great things to offer, and one of them is Ripley’s Aquarium. This public aquarium is an amazing attraction that mostly attracts families, but everyone who loves underwater adventures should have this place on their travel bucket list.

The longest underwater viewing tunnel with a moving sidewalk, 5.7 million liters of water, and around 20 000 aquatic animals, this is an adventure no one who finds themselves in Downtown Toronto should not skip. There are many attractions in the Ripley’s Aquarium, but one of the highlights is surely a hands-on experience where you can check out small sharks in tanks.

3.     Distillery District

Distillery District was once the center of attention in Downtown Toronto, back in the 19th century, where neighbors gathered around to catch up.  This historic place is now an area for shopping and entertainment, where you can find many galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and other engaging things.

Although many entertainment events are happening here, which makes this place interesting any time of day and year, there’s still the most famous Toronto Christmas Market event. During this time of year, decoration and spirit give cozy and warm feelings, which is why people love to travel to Toronto during the holidays.

Amongst the many great activities, you can find out here, there’s a great and interesting activity you can do here. This activity is a haunted walk around the district, where you can experience trivia, ghost stories with guides who will take you back in time with some of the terrifying Toronto stories.

4.     Royal Alexandra Theatre

For everyone who wants to visit unique places in Toronto needs to know about the Royal Alexandra Theatre. Royal Alexandra Theatre became the national historic site of Canada, and today it is the oldest operating and legitimate theatre in North America, which in itself is astonishing. If you love theatre, you will find time during your stay to enjoy some of the most prestigious shows.

5.     Hockey Hall of Fame

There’s a place in Downtown Toronto that many hockey fans will be happy to know exists. Since ice hockey originated in Canada, this area is where you can learn most things about the hockey players, teams, and games. As well, here, you can test your hockey skills, which is fun for big fans who never got the chance to try it. The Hockey Hall of Fame has tons of things to see, such as the outstanding collection of hockey artifacts from all over the world.

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