Some Reasons Why You Must Plan A Trip To India

July 11, 2018

The tourism industry in India has experienced phenomenal growth during the past decade. India has always been an attractive place for global tourists who are attracted to the incredible natural beauty and immense cultural diversity of the country along with the rich heritage of historical monuments and buildings. Since tourism is a major money spinner for any economy, the government has taken special steps to boost the sector. That has resulted in a massive influx of global tourists who visit India throughout the year. India never ceases to thrill tourists who can explore the beauty of the various tourist destinations from the foggy hill stations to the golden deserts and from the historical monuments to captivating beaches. The National parks showcase the grandeur of wildlife while walking through colorful fairs and visits to pilgrimage sites bring you closer to the culture and traditions of the country.

India holds a unique appeal among tourists, and the government is trying to make it a tourist hotspot especially for foreigners. While the local tourists contribute handsomely to the tourism exchequer with more than 100 million tourists every year, the population of foreign tourists is not as impressive. The government has realized that there is enormous potential for making India more attractive to foreign tourists and has simplified the procedure for obtaining a tourist visa. You can now apply for Indian Visa on arrival and promptly get the document without any hassles and embark on a journey to discover the marvels of the country.

To know more about why you must visit India, you must first understand what makes the country so unique.

The vastness of the country

India is unique due to its vastness both regarding the size and the variety of life, culture, and heritage. Rarely will you find any country that has such different ethnic communities blended to form the rich fabric of culture and tradition? India boasts of a rich history that dates back 5000 years and here you will find the ancient relics that resonate with the modern mind as you take a journey on a time machine. The geographical variety merely is stunning with the splendor of the magnificent Himalayas in the North, the deserts of Western India, and the temple cities of the South and the natural beauty of the wilderness East that is home to the Royal Bengal tiger.

India is not for backpackers only

The image of India as portrayed in many foreign countries is often a bit skewed and filled with a lot of misinformation.  Many tourists feel that India is ideally a backpackers’ destination full of cheap hotels and lined with dirty cities.  That is far from the reality because the truth is that you would find a combination of varied living conditions that has something to offer for all kinds of tourists.  From cheap budget hotels to lavish star rated hotels that match with the expectations of high-end tourists, you will never be disappointed. You can enjoy your stay in extreme luxury in some fantastic accommodations like the palace hotels, and if you are touring on a shoestring budget, you will get budget-friendly accommodations worth the money. Even the budget hotels have clean and healthy living environment that matches with modern lifestyle.

Get a taste of Indian hospitality

Tourists hold a place of reverence in Indian culture as the locals treat travelers as special guests.  Guests are akin to God in Indian culture, and the ethos of Indian hospitality revolves around it. For Indians, the outlook towards guests is very special as they consider guests as privileged visitors who deserve nothing less than the best. The hosts consider it a tremendous honor to get the opportunity of serving guests. Get a taste of authentic Indian traditions and hospitality by availing the facilities of numerous homestays that have become very popular among tourists. The humble-looking hosts are living examples of what Indian hospitality means also you can visit places like kayaking in Goa.

Be a witness of Indian culture by visiting Varanasi

The holy city of Varanasi encapsulates the Indian culture in a way that few other cities in India can. The narrow alleys of the city can make even the seasoned traveler feel claustrophobic and the immensely crowded thoroughfares immersed in a cacophony of various sounds can appear charming and bewildering at the same time.  The overcrowded banks of the Ganges that flow by the city seems to give the city a distinct identity embedded in the age-old traditions of religious beliefs and cultural lineage.  The city will leave tourists gasping to understand how cows, goats, and humans can live in harmony while sharing the city space without ever feeling any remorse about the quality of life.

Discover little France in India

The touch of French culture is evident in the small city of Puducherry earlier known as Pondicherry which was a French colony from 1672 to 1954.  The French legacy is still flowing through the city that is also home to a Spiritual cult formed by the great Indian philosopher and freedom fighter Aurobindo Ghosh. The waves of Bay of Bengal are lashing the shores of the city lined by the Rue de la Marine the long and sweeping promenade that bear the street signs reminiscent of any French provincial town would make you forget that you are in India.

Hike the Himalayas

The Himalayas and the numerous cities and towns that line the foothills are beautiful places that can give a lot of solace to turbulent minds.  The vast mountain range that lies to the North and extends to the Eastern borders of the country is a marvel that offers numerous opportunities for hiking and trekking. The scenic beauty and the rich biodiversity of the places is one of its kinds leaves a long lasting impression in the minds that keeps lingering.

No matter where you go, a few sips in a quality teacup must figure high on the list when touring India because you are entitled to taste the fare that the elites of the world enjoy.


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    Hi Andi,
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