How To Spend A Perfect Weekend In Lonavala

October 14, 2021

Lonavala is one of the most popular weekend destinations in India. What could be more perfect than escaping the hectic city life and spending your weekends in this scenic hill station? Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or with family, Lonavala has something for everyone to enjoy! Here is your guide on how to spend a perfect weekend in Lonavala.

This guide will help you plan out your trip, including what to do, where you should stay, and some fun activities that will keep you busy all week long. We have even included some tips on what not to miss when visiting this beautiful town!

Stay and Accommodation 

Since Lonavala is a popular weekend getaway, it is advisable that you book your hotel or villas in advance. You can check out Limestays villas in Lonavala, there are small and mid-sized hotels with different options depending upon your budget and requirement. Most of these places offer free pick and drop service from the station to the hotel if booked through them.

Visit the Lonavala Lake

The Lonavala Lake, surrounded by the lush green mountains and a number of hotels surrounding it, is a beautiful sight. Take a walk in the morning to watch the sunrise or in the evening when it’s all lit up. You can visit different spots around the lake for amazing views of the surroundings. The Lonavala Lake is a beautiful reservoir that you must visit while in town. You can hire boats and row your way around the lake or simply take a walk along its shores. A fun activity to do with friends and family — especially during winter.

Explore Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort, located close to Lonavala, was built during Shivaji’s reign in the 16th century. The fort offers great views from its higher points but makes sure you do not miss out on visiting some of its major attractions, including caves with inscriptions from Shivaji’s time, small temples, and water cisterns. On your way back to Lonavala, stop at the Lohagad village for a delectable meal of Kolhapuri style chicken and Mutton Sukka at one of its famous eateries.

Lohagad fort is definitely worth visiting while you are in Lonavala. It is an hour’s drive from Lonavala, but it makes for a great half-day trip once there. Few attractions have their own charm in terms of architecture, view, etc., so take your time to explore each one of them. The fort has big gates, still intact with all the inscriptions on walls & gates. It is recommended to start early morning, 8-9 AM, so that you can spend maximum time here rather than rushing back to Lonavala in the afternoon. The gates open at 6:30 AM and close by 5-5:30 PM. There is one restaurant with & few tea stalls on this fort that serve snacks, tea & coffee, and some basic lunch and dinner options.

Visit Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves are another important tourist attraction in the town of Lonavala. It is a historical Buddhist settlement that was built around the 2nd century BC during the time when emperor Ashoka ruled over India. The caves were carved into a rocky hill to form one long passage (400 feet) with 12 different chambers inside it. The carvings on these walls depict tales from Jataka stories which are narrated in Buddhism. 

Built more than 2000 years ago, Bhaja Caves are among the oldest caves in Lonavala. It is an important site to visit while you are exploring Lonavala, especially if you are interested in learning more about its Buddhist history. The only way to reach there is by foot, and it will take you about half an hour of trekking from the base of the hill.

Have a Picnic at Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls, located close to Bhaja Caves, is one of the highest waterfalls (300ft)in Maharashtra & even India! There is no better place than here to enjoy spending time with family and friends over some snacks and cold drinks on a sunny day. You can go on long drives near this waterfall or hike up the hill for spectacular views. The best time to visit Dudhsagar falls is around monsoons when there is a lot of rain, and the waterfall looks its best.

You should not miss out on visiting Dudhsagar falls while you are here in Lonavala. It is a beautiful sight, especially during monsoons and if you want some peace and quiet away from all the chaos of city life, this place offers exactly that. Nearby picnic spots offer food options which include meals, snacks as well as beverages. There are also cottages where you can rest your weary legs for a while. This place has been known to cause motion sickness, so it is advisable to take motion sickness medication just in case if you are prone to getting nauseous easily or going on long drives.

Hiring a taxi for the day to visit all the attractions mentioned here will be best since they are not too far from each other and you can cover them in 3-4 hours easily. Another option is to book a tour package if interested in visiting all these places together.


It would be difficult to find a better place than Lonavala for the perfect weekend. You can spend your days trekking or biking through lush green forests and then switch gears at night to enjoy some of the best food in all of India. Do not wait any longer; get out there and live life!

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