Five Things To Consider Before Installing A Pool

October 14, 2021

Today, a swimming pool is considered a fantastic home improvement that enhances the quality of a homeowner’s lifestyle. It also plays a significant role when it comes to providing entertainment for both guests and the residents. 

During the hot seasons, you and your friends could hold pool parties or conduct enjoyable exercises in the morning alongside the pool. A swimming pool is what you need to add life to your home. Do not skip out on installing a pool, because you think it is reserved only for the wealthy.

Pool installation requires adequate preparation. If it is not constructed in the right way, it will be a nightmare. It would be best to undertake some responsibility regarding your pool installation because there are many concerns to consider. You should also consult with your family to figure out the kind of pool they would prefer. 

This article highlights the most vital factors to consider for a successful pool installation project.

1.    Type of swimming pool

Above ground or in-ground pool? The first question homeowners need to ask when considering pool installation. Figure out the right fit by focusing on their pros and cons. If you are deciding based on your financial situation, above-ground pools are relatively cheaper than in-ground ones. These pools require less workforce for both installation and maintenance as time goes by. Another thing about the above-ground is that they can easily be dismantled or removed; however, you will have to compromise on the aesthetics. You will not be able to modify the size, shape, or any other features.

On the other hand, in-ground pools are easily customisable. You can choose a size or shape depending on personal preference. They give you the flexibility of selecting the aesthetics you want and even get unique features such as a swim-up bar.

2.    Materials

When constructing a pool, you have different options to choose from when it comes to materials. The most popular materials are concrete and gunite because they make it easier to customise the pool. Other materials such as fibreglass allow for quick installation and vinyl, which works great with different climates. Most homeowners prefer concrete because of its flexibility. Your budget determines the type of pool you get.

The vinyl-lined and fibreglass pools will allow quick installation, but they are very vulnerable to high temperatures. Concrete pools are custom-built, and their installation takes a longer time. They will cost you more, but they are durable and do not succumb to damage during hot days.

3.    Installation

Successful swimming pool installation is done by a professional. The in-ground pools require a lot of technicalities and complexities for their installation to be considered perfect. This is why the installer has to be competent. Improper installation will reduce the life of your pool drastically and, at some point, cause accidents.

4.    Water sanitation

There are different options in the market today that provide a healthier and more joyful swimming experience. The conventional types are chlorine and bromine. You could install a chlorine generator that will automatically generate its chlorine, but in most cases, it ends up being corrosive to the surface. The right thing to do is to choose the technology that will maintain sanitation through the infusion of the necessary chemicals and, at the same time, provide a healthier swimming environment. In this case, consider using a pool salt generator.

The circulation system of the pool is another critical factor in this case. Every swimming pool requires a dependable circulation system that makes sure the water remains fresh, clean, and sparkling all through. The technological advancements today make it easier for one to access automated circulation systems that are pretty efficient. 

You can choose the options that support heating. This way, you will be able to use the swimming pool during the cold seasons.

5.    Landscaping

A swimming pool will always have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your yard. When the installation is complete, you should adjust the landscaping and the entire outdoor space. This is something that takes time; therefore, it should be done the right way and with the right landscaping services to avoid regrets in the future. Keep in mind that the area around the pool should not be cramped as this will prevent you from enjoying the sun. You should also ensure that proper lights and other outdoor features integrate the pool as part of your home.


Before you begin on anything:

  1. Ensure you contact different swimming pool contractors.
  1. Discuss your needs, vision and budget, then compare their services.
  1. Devote time and effort to finding the right contractor to avoid making a costly mistake.

Nothing beats a swimming pool when it comes to garden entertainment. Therefore, it is best to consider your options from the get-go.

After installation, you will have to stay on top of cleaning the pool by ensuring you get the right cleaning equipment. You will need a proper pool vacuum to clear unwanted debris to prevent dirt from piling up for starters.

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